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Wander wisely, pack your hand carry like a minimalist

Traveling is a hobby for many and a compulsion for some, in any case, the most significant concern is to pack as much stuff you want and still clear the boarding procedures without having to hustle with the staff and taking any of your stuff off-board. Most of the airlines allow somewhat between 7 to 10 kg of hand luggage and packing it is the real deal as we keep forcing a lot of stuff in there till the last minute. 

With the realistic solution of this universal problem, we have stepped in with ultimately beneficial hacks that can save your travel trip rather life. Meanwhile, check out the Opodo discount code to catch the cheapest yet reliable flights to your destination. 

  • Lighter Travel Bags

I mean we all fancy the hand carries and want them to look extra cool so that we can do justice to our airport look, right? But unfortunately, we end up getting the travel bags that are already overweight which means even if you don’t add stuff in there you are carrying weight anyways! So, how about balancing the situation by choosing something that is classy yet light weighted? It may add an extra kg to your hand luggage and it is an absolute treat especially when each gram counts. 

  • No room for big items 

If you are a technology baby (which we all are, duh!) and wish to carry electronic gadgets along with you on your trip, make sure you pack them in the boarding luggage rather than the hand carry. The only gadget you must be carrying along could be your mobile phone. 

Similarly, other heavy items like a flower vase, lamps, glass decoration pieces which we often pack in a hand-carry because they are delicate must not be there. You can try the effective ways of packing them in a manner they are protected and shielded in the boarding luggage as they definitely weigh way too much for hand carries leaving no chamber for other items. 

  • Mark the essentials 

As it is always recommended to list down the items you are planning to carry along with you. You must also mark the essential items that you might need during the flight and you can’t afford to send them in the boarding luggage. 

Some of the few items might include:

    • First aid kit (with a medical permission certificate provided by the doctor)
    • An extra dress including undergarments (in case of an emergency)
    • Cosmetics (moisturizers and lip balms essentially) 
    • Document holder (Passport, boarding pass, ID card and anything similar) 
    • Sanitizer, body mist or a deodorant 
    • Phone, charger, earphones, etc. 
  • Avoid last-minute packing

After marking the essentials, the most important rule to follow is to pack your hand-carry at least a night prior to leaving for the airport and check the weight on the weighing machine so that you are sure about it is acceptable as per the airline’s rules. 

Once you are certain about the weight, DO NOT EXCEED! Unless it is something you would die without. (Jesting!). Most of the time we run out of weight due to overstuffing things and realizing later that they were not meant to be there at all! Remember, it is not necessary to fill the entire amount of allowed weight. If it is not necessary, it isn’t going with us! Simple as that. 

Cutting Short 

Traveling anywhere is a lifetime experience that refreshes the soul and allows you to start from zero on the meter of daily tussles. So, make sure you are making the best out of this opportunity and stressing less about the journey itself by packing care freely while staying organized and following the discussed hacks.

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