Benefits of Non-Toxic Nail Polish
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Benefits of Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Nail polish is available at numerous stores. They are sold without a warning label, and hence we assume it is free of health risks. But, those aware of the ill effects have a negative impression of nail polish for containing toxic chemicals that can harm people’s health. Luckily, all the brands in the market are not created equal. 

There are a few brands that have popularised non-toxic nail polish in the market. Such companies offer plant-based nail polish for the safety of individuals. Their nail polish is made of raw materials such as cotton, corn, sugar cane, and cassava. Their products are non-toxic and benzo-free. Usage of natural products is not restricting their product range – they offer nail polish in more than 40 colours that are made up of natural and organic beauty of Byron Bay, and all of them are vegan nail polish. 


Here are a few benefits of vegan nail polish: 

    • Boost your Mood – It is scientifically proven that colours impact an individual’s mood. So, it simply applies that nail polish colours do affect an individual’s mood. Our brain has a different reaction to different colours on multiple levels. The colours that you put on your nails will have a significant impact on your mood. Green is very relaxing, and red can increase your heart rate. Blue can leave an individual with a calming feel, and yellow can make an individual happy.


    • Protect your nails- Vegan nail polish is very safe. Their coating can protect a woman’s nails from daily tears. Non-toxic polish will also act as a shield to the nail by protecting them from breaking or peeling. Those who use toxic nail polish will harm their nails. Their nails get affected by the harsh chemicals. Vegan polish can protect women’s nails from lousy weather and abrasive materials in their everyday lives. By any chance, if an individual has a crack or nail damage, then vegan nail polish and vegan nail polish can hide it without affecting the nail’s health. Vegan nail polish contains vitamins and minerals, which will boost the nail’s health and make them stronger and durable in the upcoming years.


    • Prevents nail-biting – Beautifully painted nails will keep an individual away from biting their nails. Nail-biting has numerous health effects; it is about social embarrassment and exposes an individual to dangerous bacteria and nail infections. Biting nails for an extended period will damage an individual’s dental health. When it is a vegan nail polish, individuals do not have to worry if they accidentally or occasionally end up biting their nails. There are no harmful chemicals present in the nail polish that an individual needs to worry about. So, it will not be a problem if an individual occasionally bites their nails.


    • Avoid Harmful Chemicals – Most nail polishes are made up of dangerous and harmful chemicals. A few of the commonly used chemicals are DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde. These chemicals harm an individual’s health and cause hormone disruptions. A few side effects are nausea, vomiting, and headaches. Utilizing a vegan nail polish that contains all-natural ingredients, an individual can avoid these harmful health effects by using these nail polish rather than toxic nail polish. With vegan nail polish, an individual can stay healthy while applying nail polish.


Zaraki Kenpachi