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Interesting facts about vinyl flooring

Perhaps, vinyl flooring is the ideal choice. In fact, you are missing something, if you have still not gone through the advancements. In-floor store Dublin latest vinyl floors are available. Vinyl is too much different from old vinyl.

Vinyl floors are not like the ones decades ago. At present luxury vinyl flooring looks like hardwood. These floors truly mimic ceramic tiles and stones. Vinyl flooring is highly affordable. Now you can get the hardwood look in a minimum amount.

Undoubtedly this is the main reason behind its great popularity. The vinyl plank flooring industry is growing rapidly every day.

  • Vinyl floors at floor store in Dublin

Luxury Vinyl plank flooring at the floor store in  Dublin is available in sheets and tiles. Vinyl sheets are 12 feet wide. These sheets are usually available in the form of rolls. However, vinyl rolls are in square form almost 12 inches. 

Vinyl sheets provide an elegant look. This flooring provides a seamless look. Moreover, vinyl plank flooring is moisture resistant. These floors do not allow water to move through the surface. For installation, try hiring some professional services. On the other hand, vinyl tiles and vinyl planks are DIY installation projects.

  • Colours and patterns 

In fact, one of the best thing about vinyl is its colours and designs. unquestionably it is a resilient flooring. However, it is still present in many colours and designs. You can get vinyl sheets and tiles in myriads of colours and patterns.

  • Production method 

Keep in mind vinyl floors are produced by two methods mainly. Inlay vinyl floors are costly as well as durable. Moreover in these floors pattern is available till the end. However, in the manufacturing process, it is to make sure everything is perfect. It is important to know that what you are paying for. Never pay for cheap quality vinyl. However installation cost matter. Perhaps, you can save a lot if you are a DIYer.

  • Thickness

High-quality vinyl flooring has a good thickness level. Moreover thicker vinyl has a strong wear layer. This layer is durable and also resistant to spills, stains and dirt. 

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  • Wearlayer

Wear layers are an important factor in vinyl flooring. Vinyl floors usually have a urethane layer.. However, on some floors enhanced urethane is available. Most often, wear layers can hold high foot traffic. These floors usually require no wax or polish. Wear layers mainly serve as protective barriers. 

However, if your main concern is durability. Look for commercial vinyl. This flooring is far more durable as compared to the other vinyl types. Though commercial vinyl is not available in many colours. It can also handle heavy wear and tear.

  • Application 

Vinyl floors are great to apply over the flat surface. Clean, smooth and flat hold vinyl efficiently. Unquestionably these are also ideal choices to install over plywood or concrete. However, you can also instal vinyl over any other subflooring. In the floor store Dublin you can get a better idea for installation. 

Resilient flooring such as linoleum contains asbestos. Asbestos is a harmful material. It can cause breathing issues. If you are not dealing with it in the right way. It can harm you in the longer run. 

Last but not the least, any kind of bumps and seams can also cause damage. Make sure that there are no nails on the floor. Nails can cause piercing of the vinyl. 

  • Protective measures 

Vinyl floors need extensive protective measures. You need to protect vinyl flooring from sunlight, furniture and stains. 

  • Protect from sunlight 

Who doesn’t want a perfect, sunny day? While the sun is beneficial to us, it can be harmful to your vinyl flooring. The flooring store in Dublin always mentions that the bright sun has the potential to bleach or ruins your vinyl flooring. Don’t worry: you can easily avoid this.

Take a glance inside your home. Now, see which places are connected to direct sunlight. Cover your window blinds to keep the solar light out. Your floor will be protected from ageing and stains well by a rug or floor mat.

  • Keep the Floor Clean

Vinyl floors are no-wax floors. In fact, these floors are easy to clean as well. All these features make vinyl more appealing. Simply clean the floor with a mop or damp cloth.  These methods will keep your floor looking new.  Spills and stains are also easy to clean. 

  • Protect From Furniture

Furniture pads are used on couches, tables, desks, or anything else that stands on your vinyl floors. A layer of protection between your furniture and the floor can help to prevent cracks.  keep your flooring looking fresh.


Vinyl flooring is incredible. However, if you are looking to buy vinyl floors you can visit floor stores in Dublin. Lastly, all of the above facts are true and can help you with the right flooring.

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