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Six Reasons Why To Install Laminate Flooring

Reasons Why To Install Laminate Flooring

Why install laminate flooring over vinyl plank flooring? For starters, laminate wood flooring resists dirt and scratches better than its vinyl counterpart does. Also, it is more durable and resistant to dents and impact damage. Finally, the look of vinyl plank flooring can be completely changed from one homeowner to another through the use of different designs and color schemes.

Made of several layers of materials

First, this type of cheap laminate flooring dubai is made of several layers of materials that have been put together with interlocking edges. By doing so, the planks are more difficult to crack or break. It may also be more difficult for a thief to enter your home if he or she manages to crack a vinyl plank.

Easier to install

Second, vinyl flooring is easier to install over interlocking vinyl plank flooring. It may take you less time to lay vinyl flooring over an interlocking one. And because interlocking vinyl planks are already pre-paid, you do not have to exert effort to place them in place. As long as your subfloor is flat and clean, you can just install the planks. You would still need to do some leveling before starting with the installation.


Third, when it comes to maintenance, vinyl flooring has it down. Unlike linoleum or tile floors, which can be easily cleaned using a damp mop and some furniture polish, vinyl plank flooring cannot be done this way. Cleaning only entails mopping and the occasional spot cleaning with a damp mop.


Because the former is cheaper. When it comes to installation costs, both materials are about the same. Therefore, you will end up spending less on the latter.

the durability of vinyl flooring

This is perhaps the most important advantage of laminate over vinyl plank flooring. If you consider the wear and tear that your typical family makes on its flooring, you will appreciate the fact that vinyl plank flooring does not buckle or warp even after several years of constant use. On the other hand, vinyl floors are easily damaged especially if you have kids running around. This is why it is important to make sure that you use non-skid materials when installing your floors.

Allows you to install it yourself

The fourth reason why to install laminate flooring is that it allows you to install it yourself. Unlike when you are installing tile or vinyl flooring, you do not need to hire a professional to do it for you. With these floors, all you need are adhesive, a hammer, some nails, and a few hand tools for applying them. Furthermore, you can create designs using these laminate floors as long as you have a template of the design you want.

Although there are numerous advantages in choosing to install laminate flooring, these reasons are not enough to convince people to install it. For one, they may not be able to afford it. There are, however, a lot of discount stores that offer promotions on their sales so you may be able to get some good deals. In addition, you may also want to try one of the many tips on how to install laminate flooring on the internet.

Save a lot of money

The fifth reason to install laminate flooring is that it can help save you a lot of money. By installing it yourself, you will be able to cut down your expenses especially if you will be installing it under your own roof. The savings that you will make can help you recover some of the costs that you have incurred. In addition, you can also increase the value of your home by making your floors look beautiful.

Install in a short period

Lastly, you can install laminate flooring in a very short period of time. Some types of hardwood require that you take several days before you can finish installing it. This is not the case with laminates which are ready to be installed right away. Hire an expert from Thus, you can save a lot of time if you install laminate flooring.


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