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Content Marketing in Poland

The role of content marketing in Poland is growing all the time. More and more companies employ experts who create not only a brand communication strategy on the Polish market, but also content activities – including planning, creation, distribution and recycling of content. But some activities, functioning perfectly on the English-speaking markets, do not work at all in Poland. How is content marketing done in a Polish advertising agency for foreign companies?

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Ready-made content marketing tools that… don’t work

Quora, Answer the Public, Blog Ideas Generator from HubSpot, Ubersuggest from NeilPatel.com, BuzzSumo – managers planning content for the English-speaking markets have a number of tools to support their work. This is where they look for popular topics that should be wrapped in an extensive blog entry or video content.

Of course, in Poland you can also use these approaches. However, there is a problem – most of these tools do not support the Polish language, so the data is either somewhat deceptive or very truncated. So where do you look for ideas? An interesting idea is to use Google tools – search engine hints, data from Google Analytics, Google Trends, Keyword Planner and Google News. This is where we will find search results, as well as specific phrases and keywords that our Polish customers are actually looking for.

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There are two types of articles in Polish content marketing that are perpetually at the forefront of the most read content on company blogs. The first is the following: Top 10 communication tools within the company, 5 best multifunction devices, 20 ways to style black pants – Poles like to receive knowledge in a condensed, specific, structured form. It is also good to pay attention to the content of the stock type, i.e. content that will not become outdated after a month or a year.

The second type of popular content in Poland are extensive, long guides. How to set up an advertisement on Facebook step by step, how to choose a color for bedroom walls, how to set up an online store – this type of macro content will work here for two reasons. First of all, we “finish” the competition with them. Most companies on the Polish market are still crawling with content marketing. Instead of creating elaborate articles that help people, they opt for short “stuffers.” On the other hand, the Google algorithm loves extensive guides that will contain all the information needed by the reader who searches for a given phrase in one place. You please the robots, you please the customers and you win the competition. What more could you want?

Content distribution in a Polish marketing agency

Let’s assume that you already have an article in Polish. What’s next? After all, it is not true that good content will defend itself. What are the most popular distribution methods in Poland? If you have limited resources and time possibilities, choose these two methods: one social media platform (preferably Facebook, because it is the most popular in Poland) and email marketing.

Although it is more and more popular that Facebook limits the visibility of posts referring to external websites, it is still difficult to find a more effective method of sharing content. It is worth being creative here – Poles are extremely eager to participate in discussions on thematic groups (even if they are groups established by specific companies!). A link would help too.

The newsletter, although it seems almost a relic, works very well on the Polish market. Indicators related to e-mail marketing are excellent measures of the effectiveness of Polish content marketing, and high-quality content significantly increases the effectiveness of communication via emails. One drives the other.

Recycling of content – what to recycle from ready articles?

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How can you give your pre-made content a second life so it can go viral with your customers? One of the most effective methods of content recycling in this website is social media posts. However, that doesn’t mean you should turn a long article into a dry, full-of-content Facebook post. If you can show something, please don’t write about it. Show it.

Polish Facebook is dominated by colorful and legible infographics. Interestingly, you can also publish the same graphic content on Pinterest, and even use it in PR materials. Infographics greatly enrich journalistic content and sponsored articles.

We advise against converting your finished articles into videos for distribution, e.g. on YouTube. Although, according to research, YouTube is the most popular social platform in Poland, with a limited budget it makes no sense to build a separate brand of communication here. If we look at the data, it turns out that the dominance consumed by internet users here is almost exclusively related to music and gaming.

If you are interested in starting marketing activities on the Polish market, do not directly implement all existing activities from other markets. What works for the UK may turn out to be a total waste of your budget in Poland. If you want to use the help of a Polish agency in the field of content marketing, please contact us. We have years of experience in planning and impressing content marketing activities on a specific Polish market. A few things include in Polish substance promoting for the style business – imagination, building connections, visual consistency, and carrying worth to clients. Posts are turning out to be progressively requesting purchasers of the design area. To contact them (and keep them with you), you really want to adjust to them. Agencies frequently work with firms dynamic in the bookkeeping and surprisingly the family items area they will, undeniably, have the option to fulfill every one of your solicitations.

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