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Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention: Top Tips to Remember

Every year, there are almost 3 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses. Not only does this create an unhealthy and unsafe environment for employees, but it also adds up in costs for employers, due to worker’s compensation payouts, workers taking time off, etc.

While accidents aren’t completely preventable, there are certainly steps you can take to decrease the chances of accidents happening.

Here are some slip, trip, and fall prevention tips you should keep in mind.

Keep the Workplace Clean and Neat

Without proper housekeeping, you’re creating an unsafe work environment. Whether it’s greasy floors, stacks of boxes, or scattered debris, all of these things can make slips and falls more likely.

Your place of employment needs a good housekeeping routine that can be kept up every day by every employee. Create a plan, assign responsibilities, and make sure the plan is carried out regularly.

Keep Floors Dry

Your main enemy here is wet floors. So you’ll want to keep floors as dry as possible. Putting down anti-skid tape can help.

If your workers have recently mopped an area, have them put up a “wet floor” sign so both employees and customers know to take care around there.

For slips, trips, and falls prevention in the winter, clear all paths, especially after snowfall or rain.

Have Proper Lighting

Some slips and falls are a result of poor lighting. If there are dark corners or dim alleys in the back, you’ll want to fix the lighting and/or consider adding some more.

This tip is great for preventing slips, trips, and falls outside as well. So don’t forget to upgrade your lighting both inside and out for your business.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

When it comes to how to prevent slips, trips, and falls in the kitchen, this is especially important, considering you’re working with grease and oils. Have employees wear non-slip shoes and clothing that’s not loose.

Hire a Slip and Fall Lawyer

Unfortunately, accidents will happen, despite your best efforts. When that happens, you’ll want to hire a slip and fall lawyer. They’ll be able to help you out with your claim and the injured person the compensation they deserve.

Of course, not every accident at work will require a lawyer. For example, a small bruise won’t warrant a claim or the help of an attorney. So check out this article if you have a workplace injury and aren’t sure if you should get a professional on the job.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention

With these slip, trip, and fall prevention tips, you’ll be able to keep your employees or coworkers safer while they’re on the clock. And should anything happen, make sure you hire a slip and fall lawyer. Their expertise will be invaluable!

Now that you know how to prevent slips, trips, and falls at work, read more on workplace issues by checking out the rest of our blog.

Zaraki Kenpachi