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Top 5 Workplace Fire Prevention Tips

There are over 3,000 office fires per year. If you want your office to be as safe as possible, you need to focus on workplace fire prevention. Fire safety and prevention go hand in hand with one another.

You need everyone at your facility to know how to prevent fires, and also how to respond in the event of one breaking out. These five workplace fire prevention tips will help your facility remain safe and fire-free.

1. Identify Fire Hazards in the Workplace

Some fire hazards can be mitigated or removed from your workplace. Others are unavoidable. For the latter, make sure that they are identified for your employees.

Even things as simple as turning off the coffee machine when it is not in use can help prevent fires. Identify all potential hazards so that they aren’t the root of destruction.

2. Make a Workplace Fire Prevention Plan

Your workplace’s level of preparedness is only as good as its fire prevention plan. How does a fire prevention plan benefit your workplace? Without one, you will have no organization for your overall strategy on how to deal with fires.

Make a written plan and make all employees read and sign it. This will reduce the potential for fires through employee education. It will also hold each of your employees accountable for their actions.

3. Learn How to Prevent Fires From Spreading

You need to make sure each capable employee knows some basic techniques for stopping fire growth. A small fire can be contained if you have the right tools in place and spread the knowledge about how to operate them.

Things like strategically placed fire extinguishers and fire blankets can make all the difference during an emergency. Learn where to buy a fire blanket and other important tools so your workplace can be ready.

4. Establish an Evacuation Plan

Everyone in your workplace should know how and where to evacuate during an emergency. A fire that destroys property is terrible, but one that claims lives is even worse. Don’t let your employees become victims.

Make sure that all exits are illuminated by signage. Make sure all employees know where they are and the route they can take to a safety zone. Make sure safety zones are safe enough to ride out the fire as well.

5. Inspect Your Facility Often

Every state and municipal authority has fire standards for the workplace. Make sure that your facility meets or exceeds these standards. The only way to do this is through a routine fire inspection.

During this, a fire marshal or other qualified individual will assess the potential fire threat at your facility. They will let you know how you can improve your overall preparedness and level of safety.

Prevent Workplace Fires and Save Lives

Workplace fires claim lives and damage property every year. Don’t let your facility fall victim to a preventable emergency. Workplace fire prevention is in the vital interest of your employees and business.

Use the tips in this article to implement a successful workplace fire prevention strategy today. To find out other amazing bits of information, check out more great content available on our page.

Zaraki Kenpachi