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The Common Endometriosis Treatments

Most women have more reproductive conditions than their male counterparts. For instance, some women have endometriosis, where the endometrial tissue grows outside the uterus. After having periods, the blood will be held at this lining, causing the surrounding area to be swollen or inflamed. In most instances, people will have heavy periods and fertility issues. Since this condition is uncomfortable, most people with endometriosis Boynton Beach seek specialist treatment. The following are the common endometritis treatments that you are likely to have.

Hormonal Contraceptives

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Hormonal contraceptives minimize the individual’s fertility to manage the monthly buildup and growth of endometrial-like tissue. Some treatments include patches, birth control pills, and vaginal pills that eliminate or reduce the pain caused by endometriosis. In some instances, the specialist uses a medroxyprogesterone injection to stop menstruation. It helps stop the endometrial implants’ growth while relieving these pains.

Conservative Surgery

This treatment is applied to people wanting to get pregnant or who have severe pains regardless of having hormonal treatments. This treatment aims to destroy or remove the endometrial growths while protecting the reproductive organs. In most instances, the specialists use a minimally invasive surgery known as laparoscopy to diagnose and visualize endometriosis. This process is also applied to eliminate the displaced or abnormal endometrial-like tissue. The specialist will carry small incisions to the abdomen to remove, burn or vaporize the growths.


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This medication is applied to stop menstruation while helping to manage the endometriosis symptoms. There are instances where the disease may continue even after having Danazol. Danazol has side effects such as acne and hirsutism, where they have excess hair growth on the body and face. There have been other drugs that are being researched to boost the symptoms while reducing the disease progression.

Last-Resort Surgery (Hysterectomy)

If all other treatments fail, the specialist may recommend you have a hysterectomy as a measure of last resort. During this process, the doctor will remove the cervix and uterus. Moreover, there are other instances they remove ovaries since they make estrogen, and estrogen plays a critical role in endometrial-like tissue growth. The surgeon can also remove all the visible implant lesions. Even though a hysterectomy will treat endometriosis, the person will be unable to get pregnant after this procedure.

Hormone Therapy

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One of the ways to treat this condition is by manipulating the individual’s hormones. This process involves taking hormone supplements to relieve pain or stop the endometriosis progression. This therapy helps the individual’s body coordinate the hormonal changes that boost the tissue growth caused by endometriosis.

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