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5 Reasons Why Regular Visits To Your Gynecologist Are Vital

Being female, you have likely had your just share of gynecological examinations. Starting from your pre-teens to you are past your prime, gynecology care is something that remains constant in your life. Maintaining that health status should be your top priority, even when you feel healthy. Prioritizing gynecological care keeps your reproductive organs healthy and boosts your overall health. Dr. Wanda Torres, MD, constantly advises that one of the best ways to ensure you remain healthy is through frequent visits to a skilled gynecologist. Keep reading to comprehend why regular visits to your gynecologist are essential.

1. It helps establish a baseline for your overall health

Even when you are healthy and fit, frequent visits to your provider open a platform for you to relate with professionals and obtain advice on how to lead a healthy life. Gynecology appointments answer all your questions and concerns while you get ideas for your general wellness. During the visit, your provider quickly and easily notices health changes, so you receive treatment promptly before the situation worsens. With regular gynecologist care sessions, you will distance yourself from chronic illnesses.

2. Takes charge over your fertility life

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Whether you want to have a child or are done giving birth, gynecology care will benefit your reproductive life. Your gynecologist will help manage your fertility both for conception and preventive care. For instance, if you want to prevent pregnancy, your provider will help you choose the best form of birth control that matches your lifestyle and health needs. Similarly, if you wish to conceive soon, you will receive guidance on preparing your body for conception and healthy pregnancy.

3. It enables you to get essential woman’s health screenings

During your frequent exams, your gynecologist screens you for various female and general health conditions. This is crucial as many health issues don’t show symptoms early. The screening depends on age, health needs, and previous screening sessions. These include gynecologic ultrasound, STD testing, pap smears, osteoporosis screening, and breast exams.

4. It helps manage your periods and menopause

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Typically, during your childbearing years, your menstrual periods should come every month you are not pregnant unless you are a hormonal imbalance. During gynecology exam sessions, you will be screened for bleeding disorders and if your periods usually appear. If your period is painful or abnormal, your provider recommends instant diagnosis and treatments to prevent further damage. Additionally, if you have gone through menopause, your gynecologist ensures you are healthy and more substantial to combat any health wave that comes your way.

5. Keeps your medications up-to-date

Frequent gynecological visits pave room for you to receive any relevant vaccination on time. Furthermore, staying up to your vaccinations prevents any health condition. However, your medication varies according to your health conditions and if you are pregnant.

Regular gynecological visits are among the top ways to protect and prevent your reproductive health from unseen problems. Apart from keeping you updated, gynecology care helps scan cervical cancer, which can further cause death if unnoticed. At Suncoast Women’s Care, a devoted team of gynecologists is ready to assess your health and offer advanced treatments for any reproductive issue. If you want to safeguard your sexual life in the long run, schedule your appointment in our Trinity, Florida office today!

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