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Top Myths and Misconceptions About Back Pain

Your back comprises a complex structure of muscles, ligaments, tendons, bones, and discs that support your body and allow you to move around. Irritation or injury to any of these structures can lead to back pain. Back pain mainly results from herniated or ruptured discs. Other causes of back pain include poor posture, injuries, sciatica, kidney problems, spinal disorders, and arthritis. The main symptom of back pain Westfield is an ache anywhere in your back, which may go down to your buttocks and legs. If your pain does not go away with home remedies within three days, consult your healthcare provider. People associate back pain with many myths and misconceptions, including.

1. Exercise worsens your back pain

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One of the top misconceptions about back pain is that it worsens with exercise. Exercise does not worsen your back pain. They help ease your back pain. Stretch exercises can help loosen muscles, ligaments, and tendons that have tightened because of stress or disease. They can also help to strengthen back and abdomen muscles to help stabilize your spine and provide additional support for your back. Avoid strenuous exercise that can worsen your pain. Your specialist can refer you to a physical therapist to create the best exercise program suitable for your condition.

2. Severe back pain means you have a serious condition

Back pain can be mild, moderate, or severe. Most people assume severe back pain means you have a serious problem. Sometimes, it might be. For example, severe back pain can result from degenerative disc disease that needs medical intervention. In other cases, extreme pain can result in less severe issues like a pulled-back muscle and happens when you perform certain activities like sudden lifting or twisting. If your pain improves within three to five days of home treatments, such as applying an ice pack, it is unlikely you have a severe medical issue.

3. Back pain only results from injury

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Back pain does not always result from injuries. There are many causes of back pain, including herniated discs, spinal stenosis, poor movement or posture, spinal tumors, and arthritis. Lower back pain mainly results from damaged discs in your lower back, such as herniated lumbar discs. Other causes of back pain are not connected to back structures, such as kidney stones and pregnancy. Injuries causing back pain can result from accidents, falls, or hard blows.

4. Surgery is the only treatment for back pain

Although doctors can use surgery to treat your back, it is not the only treatment option. Your specialist will recommend surgery when non-surgical treatments have not improved your symptoms. The specialist can also suggest surgery if you have lost bowel or bladder control or sensation in your lower extremities. Other non-surgical treatments effective for back pain include medications, spinal injections, heat and cold compressors, physical therapy, and stretching exercises.

Medical conditions, injuries, and straining of back structures can lead to back pain. There are many myths and misconceptions about back pain but do not let them stop you from seeking medical advice and care. Schedule an appointment at Genesis Orthopaedic and Spine for back pain treatment to resume your daily duties.

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