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What to Do Before You Consider Back Spine Surgery

If you start to experience frequent episodes of back pain, you can take several steps to deal with the pain. If the measures you currently take do not relieve back pain, you should consider surgery.

Back spine surgery Savannah will help reduce the back pain dramatically, increasing your range of motion and activities.

Since medications are the number one resolution patients look for, use them with other methods such as exercise and rest. Before considering surgery for your back pain, including the following activities that might help manage the pain.


Your body recovers from any strains and exhaustion when you rest. Set aside 30 minutes to sit and recover if you stand for long hours. If you are an athlete or engage in weight lifting exercises, consider resting on alternate days to avoid straining your back muscles.

Sufficient sleep

When you sleep, your body gets the chance to repair and renew cells. The cell turnover enables the shedding of damaged cells and the growth of new tissues; hence you will feel relief from pain. If you don’t get adequate sleep, your body’s cells will not be able to renew effectively, and upon waking, the pain might be worse. Try different positions until you find one that works for you.

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Ice and heat application

Many athletes use the ice and heat application strategy to eliminate pain. Immediately after you feel back pain, you can use an ice pack that is well covered with a cloth to avoid damaging your skin. Apply it on your back for a maximum of 20 minutes and rest. Use that for 3-4 days and switch to a heat pack to stimulate blood circulation.

Good posture

Poor posture is one of the main culprits of back pain. If you hunch over your desk or when using your phone, you can make your neck muscles tighten. If you hunch over repeatedly, your spine will adjust to the direction of your neck and change your spinal alignment. These changes will lead to chronic back pain because the spine is not in a neutral position.

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Physical therapy and exercises

If your muscles are tight, they can lead to the shortening of the spine. Stretching exercises can help your muscles stretch and relax, promoting blood flow and healthy cells. You can try activities like swimming and yoga.

When to see a back spine surgeon

If the above actions do not help, it is time to visit a spine surgeon. Back spine surgery functions to relieve pressure on your back. It involves the removal of ligaments, bone spurs, or parts of the bone. Look into referrals from friends and family, and settle on a surgeon that fits your needs.

You can settle on a minimally invasive technique rather than an open surgery which will take longer for you to recover. Discuss with your surgeon if you will need spinal infusion to ensure stability.

If you don’t seem to get relief from any measures you take for back pain, you can visit spine specialists at Spine Center Orthopedics. You will experience specialists who offer minimally invasive techniques to see you get home the same day. Call or visit the center today and regain optimal movement.

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