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5 Benefits of Spinal Cord Stimulation

Chronic back and neck pain might affect your life, especially if medications and surgery fail to deal with the condition. The treatment might work for chronic issues like back pain, arthritis, and trauma injuries. It is a minimally invasive procedure that is reversible. Unlike invasive surgery, the treatment uses electrical contacts, generators, and wires to treat the spine. Thus you can discontinue the treatment at any moment. Spinal cord stimulation Houston can offer relief for spine issues by stimulating the nerve peripherals in the spinal cord, thus improving daily function. These are the benefits of spinal cord stimulation.

Reduces Pain

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Spinal cord stimulation uses implanted devices that stimulate the spinal nerves and can lead to adjustable pain relief. The newer models of spinal stimulation machines can alleviate pain due to innovative technology which controls the nerves. Moreover, they adjust to your movements, making it possible to control your pain. Controlling back pain can positively affect your life by making movement and other physical activities possible.

It Is a Minimally Invasive

Spinal cord stimulation requires one incision to implant the generator. The small generators might not require long incisions as the electrodes were placed using a hollow needle instead of incisions. Thus it has few side effects compared to other treatments. Additionally, you can reverse spinal cord stimulation when you get better.

It Reduces Opioids Dependency

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Pain medications might be addictive and spinal stimulation reduces the dependency on drugs. The generators stimulate the peripheral nerves making it easy to avoid medications. You can completely avoid medications with spinal cord stimulation. Fortunately, you will not experience drugs’ effects on the brain and body.

It Is a Cost Effective Treatment

The treatment is cost-effective as it requires the attachment of electric and magnetic generators in the spine. You can control the generator with a remote, making it easy to increase or decrease the intensity of the treatment. Once you purchase the generators, you will not need further maintenance costs. Moreover, you will not spend money dealing with the medication’s side effects. Sometimes you may need to undergo other treatments when taking drugs that wreck your brain and body.

Additionally, you can use the spinal cord stimulator as an alternative to medications and can delay or avoid surgery. It is easy for chronic neck pain to be reduced if we manage the pain effectively. Pain reduction makes it possible to engage in everyday activities leading to flexibility, muscle generation, and improved health.

You Don’t Need Refills

Other medications may require refills when the dosage is offered, but the spinal cord stimulation treatment will not need refills. The generator stimulates the nerves, and you can achieve pain control over the years.

Although back pain might not respond to drugs, you should consider spinal cord stimulation improving conditions like back pain, arthritis, and trauma injuries. The spinal cord stimulator is a generator you can place in the spine. The generator releases magnetic waves, which interfere with the peripheral nerves reducing chronic pain. Moreover, it is the best alternative to opioids and will reduce and delay surgery.

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