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Possible Reasons Why You Are Not Conceiving

It might be discouraging and stressful when you’re set to have a family but aren’t conceiving, especially if you’ve explored traditional strategies such as engaging in many sexual encounters throughout your reproductive window, taking your temperature every morning, and using devices like ovulation prediction kits and tracker apps to improve your chances. Is it typical for you to question whether it is a health problem or only a matter of patience? Dr. Richard Strathmann OBGYN at the Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples, is in the best position to give satisfying medical answers to this concern. However, here below are some possible reasons you are not conceiving.

Your Partner’s Infertility

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Unless you are utilizing medical treatments like donated sperm or eggs, child conception requires an equal effort of the two spouses. Fertility problems do not only affect those who plan to carry the child. The male partners may be the cause you’re not getting pregnant because of their Infertility. Rarely does male infertility manifest signs that can be seen without a laboratory semen test. The test evaluates the sperm and semen’s health. Your OBGYN doctor will strongly advise you and your partner to take a fertility test before considering other possibilities.

Fallopian Tubes Challenges

According to research, roughly 25% of female infertility cases are caused by ovulation issues. In addition, some women may also have endometriosis, uterine abnormalities, or obstructed fallopian tubes. Hair-like protrusions from the fallopian tube lure an egg inside when it is released from the ovaries. Sperm move up through the uterus into the fallopian tubes, where conception occurs. Challenges with the fallopian tube will certainly impede conception.

Unusual Uterine Form

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A fertilized egg may find it challenging to adhere to the uterine wall if the uterus is formed unevenly. Uterine fibroids, benign tumors on the uterus wall, scar tissue following operations, and infections, can all contribute to uterine abnormalities. The shape of your uterus may also play a role in your inability to conceive.

The Age Factor

The idiom “your biological clock is ticking” has at one time passed your hearing. It simply refers to the exhaustion of your fertility window. Pregnancy in women over 35 years old could take longer. Many people believe their fertility is good if they still have regular periods, but this isn’t always the case. Both egg number and quality are impacted by age. Infertility issues may also affect men beyond 50 years, depending on their lifestyles.

While most couples who try conception for 6 to 12 months become pregnant easily, other partners experience the greater difficulty that might last for years. Numerous factors might affect your ability to conceive, and a non-specialist may not always be able to identify the underlying causes of the problem. It is highly advised that you seek medical advice and checkup from renowned and reputed obstetrics and gynecologists like us. Your childbearing journey may begin by visiting our Women’s Healthcare Physicians of Naples. Our dedicated team is eagerly waiting for your call or online appointment.

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