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What Is Perfect Play in Blackjack – 2024 Guide

Gambling as an activity is present in human civilization for thousands of years. People did evolve in numerous ways, but we can see that some things have stayed pretty much the same. One of these things is that we simply adore games of chance. We love the uncertainty that can provide us with some hefty prize money.

Naturally, the prize was not always money, especially when we are talking about our ancestors. But that doesn’t mean that what they had a chance to win wasn’t lucrative. The gambling industry has progressed so much in the last century. When you compare it to, let’s say 1920, you’ll see how big of a step has been made.

Today, you have a chance to play all the games you wish. You can find all of them on numerous websites, like casino777. As a result, you can practice playing a certain game until you perfect it. One of the most popular games of this sort is, of course, blackjack.

Today, we want to shine a light on what’s a perfect play and how to achieve it.

The Initial Steps

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Of course, the first thing you need to take a look at before you can hope to play a perfect game is to create a strategy. Of course, this process should reflect the situation in front of you. It means that you should make the best possible decision after you take a look at the cards that are in front of you.

Naturally, this is not a guarantee you will be able to win in every situation you find yourself in. However, it is possible to increase your chances of winning significantly. It needs to be said that this is a pretty straightforward game, which means compiling a strategy is not something that will take too much of your time.

There are only a handful of situations that can occur. While every player who knows the rules of this game knows that three situations can increase the chances of a win significantly, it needs to be said that there are some things, which are, let’s say, more marginal, that can attribute to it quite a lot.

For those who are not aware, we are talking about three main situations. Every player, no matter how experienced or inexperienced is, knows that asking for a hit on cards lower than eleven is a positive move. The same can be said about not splitting two tens and choosing to make a stand at seventeen.

Trying Different Options

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The next thing we want to talk about is trying out a couple of strategies before finding the one that suits you perfectly. It makes perfect sense that using more than just one of them is a great way to have an insight into all the relevant aspects that can tell you a lot about what can be expected from these.

Thankfully, you can come across these strategies on numerous websites out there. However, we feel that the best thing would be to consult someone who has a lot of experience in playing blackjack. Sure, this is not to be expected at all times. Still, if you find someone interested in providing this sort of advice, then you should go for it.

Another relevant thing to know is that the strategy should resemble your style of play perfectly. What does this mean? Well, it means that if you are hesitant to make certain moves, then you shouldn’t opt for a strategy where this move is a predominant force. Believe us, this is quite a common occurrence.

Card Counting

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Card counting is one of the most interesting stories about this game. While it is not technically a forbidden technique, you will see numerous casinos in Las Vegas, where people who were caught using this method are forbidden from entering a certain casino ever again. At the same time, you can use it freely in many casinos out there.

On the other side, you can easily utilize this method when you’re playing online blackjack. Think about it, no one can monitor your actions, and think about whether to forbid you from entering the site. Some make a mistake by thinking this is not possible in an online version, but in reality, it is.

The Odds

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Blackjack is a game known for its low house edge. At the same time, we can see that it is quite beneficial to those who are good at playing it. The reason is that you can win thirty to one. We will all agree that this is a lucrative offer and that it is worth it to know how to play this game at the highest possible level.

Besides, the number of decks involved in the session also plays quite an important role. There are three different options, three, four, or five. The reason why this number is crucial is quite simple. It’s because the number of cards you’re going to use lowers the chances of you being successful.


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Last but not least, we want to point out how crucial is to practice the strategy you have opted for. Without doing so, you cannot know when is the right time to make a move that can prove beneficial for you. Since blackjack is quite a fast-paced game sometimes, this becomes an even more important thing to consider.

You will be happy to know that you can find numerous websites where you can play a trial version. What’s a trial version? It is a version of the game you can play for free until you gather enough experience and you are ready to play for real money. Without practice, you cannot hope for much.


Becoming the best player is not an easy thing to do. Numerous elements require your attention to be successful. Here, we’ve provided you with an insight into how to play a perfect play in this game. We have no doubt you will find it useful in your next session. Once again, practice is the most important element.

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