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Why Is Laundry Service the Best Employee Benefit for Millennials?

Millennials are more stressed than they have ever been. It’s clear why they’re so desperate for employee advantages and bonuses, especially anything and everything that helps them with their domestic life. Many millennials do not have the time or energy to spend on daily household duties without help.

Even millennials who use washing machines and dryers in their homes require approximately an hour to make their laundry. An hour may look to be a little amount of time at first. And it’s time that millennials may not have much of, especially when it comes to the expense of personal care, family, and social duties. It’s no wonder, then, that 60% of millennials would prefer to re-wear lightly used clothing than do the washing.

Nobody likes their employees to show up and work untidy and stressed. Providing free laundry service shows that you care about your employees’ well-being. Furthermore, giving laundry services is one of the most effective ways to boost employee happiness and satisfaction.

If you’re looking for ways to keep your employees happy and productive, then searchlaundry near me“, you will get many results. Otherwise, you can come with Prime Laundry to provide laundry service as an employee perk for millennials and other employees.

Why Aren’t Millennials Washing Their Clothes?

First of all, some millennials do their laundry. However, various factors could affect those who can’t seem to complete a load from start to finish.

  • They didn’t learn basic clothing care 

Many millennials did not connect to home economics classes while they were in school. However, most millennials lack basic skills such as sewing, hemming, or even pin repair. Furthermore, most people at this age are aware of specifics about how to wash different clothes correctly. Therefore, many millennials decide to employ professionals for their laundry and dry cleaning service instead of completing the job quickly and correctly.

  • Most of the millennial families are small

As it is too costly to have children, many millennials do not have children. Moreover, many millennials are worried that they won’t buy a house, let alone have children, as rent rises and student loan climbs. The pandemic has only increased these feelings, with 15% of millennials claiming that COVID-19 has caused people to delay having children. Because these families have fewer items to wash, millennials are less likely to invest in high-priced washer and dryer systems.

  • Fewer stay-at-home parents

Although many millennials have children, normal family size is decreasing, and the birth rate is declining. Meanwhile, most of these millennials work full-time. These busy parents, usually single mothers, hardly have time to do their laundry. It’s even more challenging while they’re responsible for the entire family. On top of the extra everyday housework, having children means more time organising, washing, and folding clothes. For busy parents, professional laundry service will help reduce the pressure.

The Advantages of Providing Employee Laundry Service

Millennials have greater expectations for their work than just income. Because of the shifting demographics, employers have been under pressure to provide employee perks that enhance their employees’ life quality. Therefore, it can be beneficial to businesses.

  • Laundry Service Is More Comfortable 

Cleaning, cooking, and laundry take up most of the time of 13 hours per week for the average person. Once you do your employees’ laundry for them, they have much more time to socialise and rest. Employers who offer their workers the gift of time can see an increase in productivity.

Your employees won’t have to worry about carrying to the dry cleaners with Prime Laundry! Instead, our dry cleaning service provides pickup delivery services so that your employees may relax and come back to work having refreshed the next day.

  • Professional Laundry Service Equals a Professional Image 

A Professional Appearance Takes a Professional Laundry Service. Millennials may not have the time to care for their laundry fully.  Even millennials with ideal laundry practices won’t compare the quality of a professional dry cleaning service. Professional laundry service helps you make your employee’s uniforms smart, tidy, and professional.

When you are outsourcing your employees’ laundry, you can count on expert results every time. In addition, investing in a laundry service helps your business by making your employees look fresh and professional regularly!

  • Improves Employee Satisfaction 

Millennials currently make 35% of the workforce, which is expected to increase in the coming few years. Therefore, employers who want to keep their employees must provide the benefits and perks that millennials want. For example, employees are more likely to stay with your company if you provide perks like laundry service. Choosing the perfect millennial employee perk might also help your company attract the best talent.

In conclusion, millennials would like to work for businesses that help a user. One of the most effective ways to invest in your employees’ satisfaction should be to provide free laundry service.

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