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Standard size and dimensions of kitchen cabinets

There are a lot of essential aspects to consider before you start designing the perfect kitchen. However, determining the size that the Schrock cabinets will take is likely to be the most crucial element. An easy way to figure the dimensions of kitchen cabinets is to use kitchen appliances. Appliances come in standard sizes and seldom differ from the standard. So, most kitchen cabinets are made of dimensions specifically designed to accommodate kitchen appliances. 

The cabinets could help in determining the overall storage capacity and accessibility to the kitchen. When you are measuring the kitchen space, every inch is important. While cost, usage, and design are crucial factors when it comes time to choose the dimensions of your kitchen cabinets it’s crucial to keep in mind that size is the most important factor to consider. Here are some of the common dimensions of devices that are commonly used.


 Standard kitchen Schrock cabinet size:

Base kitchen cabinet

Wall kitchen cabinet

Tall kitchen cabinet

The height is 30

Width 33-36

Depth 24

The height is 30-42 inches

Width 12-36

Depth 12-24

Height in inches 90

Width: 18, 24, 30

Depth 24


Base kitchen cabinet dimensions:

Base cabinets function as the foundation for countertops and the usual kitchen appliances. The three workstations in the kitchen will determine where the cabinets will be. After you have created your work-space triangle additional cabinets such as tall cabinets, corner cabinets for the kitchen, and wall cabinets can be installed and aligned with the measurements set at the bottom. So, the cabinets range in size from 30-42 inches wide.

  • Height: These are full-height doors with a height of 30 inches.
  • Width: Cabinets range from 33 to 36 inches.
  • Depth: The cabinet’s depth is 24 inches deep.

Blind corner base cabinet sizes:

Certain kitchens can’t set up an automatic due to the design of their plumbing or due to the lack of space. While some people might be uneasy about installing an item in the corner due to the hassle, the majority don’t wish to take up the space. So, the name implies that most portion of this cabinet can be found in a hidden area, but it is still able to make use of the space available. Technology has made these difficult access cabinets  into fantastic storage units. 

  • Height: Similar to other base cabinets, it measures 15 inches in width and 24 inches high.
  • Width: The width of the corner cabinet that has blinds measures 36 inches in size. So, the cabinet should be taken 6 inches from the wall. 
  • Depth: Cabinet depth is 24 inches in depth. 


Wall kitchen cabinet dimensions:

The dimensions of these Schrock cabinets differ depending on the height of the ceiling and the clearance of the countertop. So, the clearance is between 15 and 18 inches to fit traditional cabinets appliances.

  • Height: The dimensions of wall cabinets are available in 30 inches, 36 inches, or 42 inches. 
  • Width: Width wall cabinets’ dimensions in threefold increments ranging from 9 inches to 36 inches. Wall cabinets measuring 9 to 21 inches have just one door. So, the ones that measure 24-36 inches come with double doors.
  • Depth: Cabinets with depth wall units typically feature 12 inches of thickness. So, the wall cabinet above the refrigerator has the most common depth, which is 24 or 12 (or 24,) inches. The 24″ wall cabinet needs an additional wall to mount or the refrigerator’s panel to hold the weight.


Tall kitchen cabinet dimensions:

The tall cabinets run from floor to ceiling. So, three different sizes are available for the cabinets that are in the range of 90 inches in height, 84 inches, and 96 inches tall.

  •  Height: The lower piece is 54 inches high, with the toe kick being 4.5 inches. So, the door measures 49.5 inches. The lower section is with two adjustable shelves. So, the upper section measures 30 and 36 inches or 42 inches high. These cabinets include two shelves that adjust and the 42-inch cabinets come with three shelves.
  • Width: Wide-width kitchen cabinets that are tall come in three sizes. So, the dimensions of 18 inches, 24 inches, and 30 inches wide.
  • Depth: these large kitchen cabinet depths are 24 inches which are identical to the depth of the base cabinets.


The dimensions and size of Schrock cabinets you’ll need in your kitchen will be based on a variety of factors. It’s fun to play with various ideas for cabinets’ colors, styles, designs, or even materials. But, onto the actual issue, if you do not have the proper dimensions for your cabinet, the cabinets may look a bit sloppy and might not function properly. The above guide will give you the most popular dimensions of cabinets.

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