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Kitchen Cabinet Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Shine

A minor kitchen remodel costs around $24,000 with only a select few new appliances or features added.

Do you really want to spend that kind of money if you just feel bored or uninspired in your kitchen?

We bet the answer to that question is no, and, thankfully, we’re here to share that a kitchen remodel doesn’t need to cost that much. Focusing on kitchen cabinet ideas may be the only thing you need to make the space feel new.

Read on below for our five cabinet ideas that will energize a kitchen and make you never want to leave.

1. Add Some Color with Painted Kitchen Cabinets

One of the best kitchen cabinet ideas that has recently become popular is also one of the easiest: painting new or pre-existing cabinets.

You use paint on the walls of your home to tell a story, and why should your kitchen be any different? Painting kitchen cabinets a corresponding, accent color to the rest of your home accomplishes several things:

  1. Building a cohesive color pattern, unmarred by plain wood cabinets
  2. Adding a pop of fun that would otherwise only be functional
  3. Creating drama in with a feature that doesn’t often get attention

You can order kitchen cabinets to come in your chosen color or host a DIY weekend to get your family involved.

2. Don’t Forget the Handles

You likely have a kitchen inspiration board with cabinets that all have the same rectangular shape. Did you hone in to see the handles on those cabinets, though?

Kitchen cabinet ideas are nothing without emphasizing the handles. Not only is this an easy way to update old cabinets, but it also creates a fresh feeling in the kitchen.

So long are the old circle handles that come with a boxed cabinet set. Say hello to gold-dipped bars, figural pulls, and light-refracting handles that add instant personality and trendiness.

3. Mix It Up with Out-of-the-Box Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Kitchen cabinet ideas can often be the same old style you’ve seen in hundreds of homes. But your home deserves trendy kitchen cabinets that are Instagram-worthy.

Replace upper cabinet doors with see-through glass options to create more light and airiness. Try removing the upper cabinets on a blank kitchen wall and putting up floating shelves.

With both of these small switches, you keep the functionality of storage. But you get to play around with a more modern, open design feature.

Your kitchen deserves a breath of fresh air, and this will do the trick.

4. Go for a Full Vertical Cabinet

An average kitchen will have upper cabinets that stop ~10 inches or so from the ceiling. Many homeowners don’t even take advantage of the blank space.

One of the kitchen cabinet ideas would be custom cabinetry installed with cabinets that reach the ceiling. This unique flair is something O’Connor Contracting is familiar with, a design element that also provides more storage.

Like a good pair of jeans, a complete vertical cabinet lengthens the kitchen and draws the eye up. This is a major bonus for those whose countertops are on the messier side and don’t need to attract attention.

5. Make Kitchen Cabinets More Useful

A kitchen cabinet already carries out many functions for the home. It can store, conceal, and organize any food or culinary item you have.

But you should think bigger when it comes to kitchen cabinet ideas.

They can be the perfect spot to host a coffee bar in your kitchen, nestling a coffee maker and its accouterments between upper and lower cabinets. A sliding barn door can conceal kitchen cabinets that double as a workspace with a butcher block top and powered appliances.

Dream Up Some Trendy Kitchen Cabinets for Home

These ideas are simple considerations when dreaming up your kitchen cabinet ideas. From shape to hardware, every point of a cabinet should be unique to your style and functional for your family.

Make sure to have fun and check out our other blog posts for ways to add pizzazz to your property.

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