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Brief Guide On The Pros And Cons Of PVC Kitchen Cabinets

Are you looking to give your kitchen a new look? So, among the various kitchen renovating ideas, the major problem is choosing the right material. Thus, the material for cabinets must be chosen with all care and thinking. As it must be super durable, good-looking, termite resistant, and highly affordable too. So, choose the most durable kitchen cabinets from the market like J&k cabinetry. 

Moreover, the kitchen is known as a high-traffic place. To have all such features, the kitchen needs to be very aesthetic and pleasing. And its cabinets must be durable and functional. So, here in this article, we are discussing the most famous material of kitchen cabinets such as Poly-Vinyl Chloride Cabinets.

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  3. Cons Of PVC Cabinets
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Poly-Vinyl Chloride Kitchen Cabinets:

PVC material is sheets made up of plastic. So, from PVC you will get the idea of PVC pipes, or other plumbing material. But how about kitchen cabinets? Thus, because of the high durability and wide variety PVC is greatly used for kitchen cabinets too. 

Moreover, the PVC boards for kitchen cabinets come in two defining types as 

PVC Hollow Boards:

As the name suggests these are hollow from the inside. Moreover, they have very low thermal resistance so they get sag very quickly.

PVC Foam Boards:

They are thicker and sturdier than hollow boards. So, they are considered more durable.

While both of these types depict a glossy/matt look. Thus, before choosing this material you’ve to read the pros and cons of the material in detail. So, there won’t be any trouble later.

Pros Of PVC Cabinets:

PVC is quietly the most well-known material for use as kitchen cabinets. So, here are some detailed benefits these PVC cabinets provide their customers.

Affordable Prices:

PVC cabinets are very affordable and quite cheaper in rates as compared to wooden cabinets. Moreover, PVC hollow boards are cheaper than PVC foam boards. However, hollow board cabinets are brittle and lack strength. So, they are used only for short-term kitchens.

Easy Installation:

The PVC material cabinets come in easy-to-install boards. Moreover, they also don’t need any additional stress. They are also very lighter in weight. Thus, you don’t have to stress about any extra lamination or designs to fit them.

Low Maintenance:

PVC cabinets are originally plastic. So, they are super feasible to clean and maintain. Neither do they sag like wood? Nor do they rust like metal. Moreover, stains are also removed very easily. This makes the PVC cabinets so easy to maintain or almost zero maintenance.

Resistance To Termite:

PVC cabinets are super resistant to any insect attack. Moreover, you don’t have to stress about any termite, borer, and insect attack. In addition, PVC cabinets are known as waterproof, oil-proof, termite-free, and anti-corrosive features.

Easy Replacement:

PVC material is the most frequently and easily available in the market. So, you can simply use it anytime, anyplace. And also can replace it anytime, anywhere. Thus, it is easily replaced without much hustle, energy, and time wastage.

Timeless Feature:

PVC in general is super durable and long-lasting. Moreover, the PVC foam boards are more sturdy and long-lasting than other varieties like hollow boards, etc. In addition, PVC is also rot-proof and flexible which makes it last longer than ever.

Cons Of PVC Cabinets:

With some beautiful benefits, PVC cabinets also have some ugly disadvantages. So, let’s have a look at them.

Low Heat Resistance:

A kitchen is a place that is exposed to heat, oil, water, etc all the time. Thus, the PVC boards have very low heat resistance. So, you must stay careful if you add PVC cabinets to your kitchen.

Vulnerability To Scratches:

PVC cabinets are actually plastic. So, over time, the material gets scratches and cuts. Thus, these scratches make the cabinet look odd and ugly. Moreover, you’ve to ensure that no sharp material will be used directly on the cabinet boards.

Low Hardware Strength:

PVC cabinets are easy to install. But the screws and hinges used as hardware get loose with time. Which causes the sagging of the cabinets. So, this makes the holding power of PVC cabinets weak and low.


Where To Buy Affordable J&K Cabinetry?

After doing all your homework on the selection of the material. And also studying the material. Now the real quest is to buy the cabinets in an affordable range. So, for that, there is just one promising place for durable, sturdy, and modern design cabinets. And that is the Kitchen Design Gallery. Moreover, it sells perfectly designed J&K Cabinetry. Thus, this item is their talk of the town piece. So, choose one for your kitchen and make it look beautiful.


Ending the article in a hope that you have now got a clear picture of the selected material. So, the chosen material is PVC for your kitchen cabinets. Hence there are a lot of cabinet designs for modern to traditional designs. So, the most durable one, the J&K cabinets is worth every penny

Moreover, from the above article, you must have got a great idea about the pros and cons of PVC material in kitchen cabinets. Thus, making sure that article will help you in making a wise decision.


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