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Apartments In Hisaronu For Sale

If you’re looking for a bargain price holiday home or investment property in the sun then this article is worth reading. Hisaronu is a lively resort just over an hour from Fethiye on Turkey’s Aegean coast and prices start at £60,000 for one bedroom apartments. It’s also a great place to retire to too as it has all the amenities that people living abroad would need – and a state-of-the-art health system.

Where is Hisaronu? 

Hisaronu is an unusual resort in Fethiye, where there’s a lively atmosphere and the mountain scenery looks stunning. It’s set above Oludeniz Beach and near Ovacik Village which is ideal for those looking to relax or hike around town. 

The nearby (less than an hour) Dalaman Airport is your gateway to the Mediterranean. In summer, it receives flights from all over the world and this slows down during winter but Hisaronu property owners also use Antalya or Bodrum airports (both about three hours) so you’ll never be too far away from your holiday home. 

The strategic location also makes it very attractive for tourists and holidaymakers, so if you are looking to invest for renting out, it’s a great choice. 

Why should I buy an apartment in Hisaronu?

Property in Hisaronu is a great investment opportunity because it has an excellent occupancy rate, and the high-end tourists who come to visit during summer will pay a good rate to stay in the resort. There’s also no need to worry about any noise from bars or clubs at midnight since they’re closed by then.

You should consider buying property in Hisaronu with heating. While there is a small chance of long-term rentals, the income will be less than summer income and consequently you shouldn’t rely on it as your primary way to make money.

Where are the best places to buy in Hisaronu?

The property in Hisaronu for sale is often found within a short walk of the main resort centre. That said, you may see properties that are elevated on hillsides. Property in Hisaronu near the sea would be farther away and more expensive so if your preference is to have an ocean view this might not work out well.

Property further inland offers mountain views but does come at a premium. As they’re situated up high on inclines which can make walking difficult or impractical without any form of transportation nearby like public transport. 

How much are apartments in Hisaronu? 

You can find 1 bedroom apartments from around £50k in older developments, and from around £65k in newer developments with modern facilities. 2 bedroom apartments are generally available from around £65k upwards. Duplex 3 bedroom apartments can be bought from around £80k upwards.

The apartments in Hisaronu are cheaper than the ones on the coast or nearby towns so this can work out great if you’re looking for a bargain and don’t mind travelling to get supplies and amenities. 

In conclusion, Hisaronu is a lively resort near Fethiye on the Aegean coast of Turkey. There are lots of cheap, bargain apartments for holiday homes or investments to look in the manchester of india located in the heart of india. Prices start from £60k for one bedroom apartments and up to £80k for three bedroom duplexes. 

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