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Which AC is best for your Room?

The high temperatures of the Indian summer make it impossible to bear the unreal heat. With climate change, the world is becoming hotter. So, to deal with extreme temperatures, AC is just the best solution. It helps in instantly cooling your room. Next, you can even set the preferred temperature according to your preference. However, for the best results, always choose the best AC in India. You will get guaranteed results, durability, and a lot of savings.


The most important factor that you should take into consideration is the size of the room. Your room’s dimensions are directly related to the capacity of your AC. 1-ton AC is certainly perfect for any room of 100-120 sq ft. If the room ranges between 120 sq ft to 179 sq ft, you can easily opt for ACs with 1.5-ton. Finally, for the rooms that are 180-sq ft or above, you can rely on 2-ton or more capacity.

Top floor equal to more cooling capacity:

Summers are hot in almost every part of the country. However, if your room or flat is on the top floor, then you need a capacity that is higher compared to the standard capacity of room size. It will help in even cooling and will create no hotspots. Even if sunlight falls directly, the room will cool down easily. 

Window AC vs Split AC

Window AC:  This type of ACs promises better cooling and uniform spread. It just comes as one whole unit. Plus, it is more on the affordable side. However, proper ventilation is necessary for delivering the coolest results. People with small rooms can install and spare minimum on the maintenance. Due to its portable nature, you can install it in rented apartments and take it down whenever changing houses.

Split AC: This is the most popular kind of ACs that you will find in every household. It comes in two units; blower and compressor. One is fitted inside your room whereas the other one is installed on the outside wall or window. The compressor is installed at quite a distance from the indoor unit. It certainly produces no noise, so you can have a peaceful sleep. Well, it requires a bit of maintenance to keep it functioning for a long time.

Style and Pattern

Everyone definitely wants to decorate their home in the best way possible. You might think that an AC installation may hamper the beauty of the room. But that’s not the case. The window AC may look a bit traditional and unappealing. However, when it comes to good looks, split ACs win the game. Split ACs are available in different colours, patterns, and even styles. You can pick the one that matches your room’s interior the most. Moreover, you can clean and maintain it easily.

Power Consumption

Modern ACs come with Energy Star Rating. This rating helps to determine how much a particular product can conserve energy. It will make massive savings on your electric consumption. The better the ratings, the more savings you can make. Well, the maximum Energy Rating of any AC can have been 5-star.

India might have the hottest summers that break records. But in some parts of the country, summer tends to be hotter than ever whereas winters are colder. For those areas, the best hot and cold ACs are recommendable for flexibility. Other than that, you can always get a top-notch AC according to your room and get comfortable.

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