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Hotel Review: Fishermans Cove Resort, Seychelles— A Personal Favorite

I accepted without hesitation when I received the email suggesting that we spend a few days staying at one of the best beach resorts in Seychelles. Yes, I’d like to cross off the item “remote island country” from my bucket list. 

I was headed to an island in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Africa, after weeks of keen anticipation. The gorgeous Fishermans Cove Resort was part of my rollercoaster itinerary. Here’s a glimpse at my time at this lovely hotel.


First, let’s take a look at the country that is the home of this beautiful hotel. It is a country in the Indian Ocean, 1500 kilometers off the coast of East Africa, officially known as the Republic of Seychelles. 

There are 115 islands in this archipelago, 41 of which are granite islands and 74 of which are low-lying coral atolls and reef islands. Many of the islands are deserted, and Seychelles is known for having some of the best unspoiled and remote beaches in the world and the best beach resorts for a honeymoon

Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue are the three most inhabited and developed islands in Seychelles. The city, Victoria, as well as the international airport and the picturesque Morne Seychellois National Park, are all located on Mahe. Praslin, the other inhabited island, is famed for its pearl-white sand beaches and peaceful atmosphere. 

When visiting, visitors should go to the Vallée de Mai, which is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The island of La Digue is home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet. Despite the fact that it is a highly inhabited island, considerable areas have been set aside to protect the island’s natural beauty. 

There are other choices for living on a private island. Seychelles is a famous water sports destination due to its geography, with state-of-the-art facilities for snorkeling, scuba diving, and coral spotting. The botanical gardens of Victoria and the Curieuse Island bio-reserve are also popular.


It had been a long morning as a naive guest on the beach at Beau Vallon. I arrived shortly after noon, stuffed to the brim with the biggest burger I’d ever eaten. When I arrived, it was a hot and humid day, and all I could think about was, “Where on earth is my room?!?” My luggage had to be placed exactly where the driver had left them: in the driveway’s center! What exactly is going on? Is that the case in this instance? 

Yes! That’s exactly it! The staff led me to the lounge and provided me a beautiful hand towel with which to clean my hands. After swiftly exchanging my passport for room keys, we walked a short distance to our room. Ground floor, beachfront location. What more could a lady want when visiting one of the Seychelles resorts? 


My room was just amazing. Spacious. It’s light and airy with a white and wood scheme. It was simple and uncomplicated. “Green,” “sustainable,” and “environmental friendliness” were screamed across the crowd. The hotel is surrounded by lush tropical plants and a tranquil atmosphere. 

The stage is prepared for explorers, couples, and families to visit an inherited paradise in this tropical getaway. The majority of the guest rooms and suites have private balconies, open-plan bathrooms, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, and tea and coffee making facilities, with the majority of them having a breathtaking ocean view. 

Fine Dining in Seychelles

Two of the top restaurants and bars offer endless fantastic experiences with outstanding service during your vacation, allowing you to appreciate delectable flavors and smells while sipping exotic cocktails while taking in views of the Indian Ocean’s stunning sunset. If you are a foodie, you will taste some of the most mouthwatering cuisines at one of Seychelles’ greatest resorts.

The Paris Seychelles Restaurant is an a-la-carte restaurant that takes a unique approach to gastronomy by mixing French and Creole cuisine with Seychelles’ rich culinary history, which includes influences from both Africa and Asia. Dining under the stars, with magnificent views and the sounds of the Indian Ocean waves, is a one-of-a-kind trip of discovery. It is one of Seychelles’ finest fine dining establishments.

The resort’s beachside bar, Le Cocoloba bar Seychelles, offers breathtaking views and a relaxed ambiance. The bar is ideal for a small, refreshing meal or a bottle of wine to quench your thirst. Relax with a cocktail of your choice in a peaceful setting while listening to soothing music and admiring the breathtaking ocean views.

With its pleasant and modern decor, the Sunset bar provides the right tone for enjoying unique beverages. Relax and unwind with the best views of the Indian Ocean’s most stunning sunset, which will set the tone for a romantic evening on the pontoon deck as you toast with love.

At Le Cardinal Restaurant Seychelles, you’ll have the chance to be revitalized by the current flavors and stunning displays of our carefully selected dishes. With a spectacular view of the ocean, the daily buffet breakfast brings a different perspective to mornings. Indulge in delectable cuisine in a lovely location surrounded by breathtaking vistas.


Sesel Spa, located in its sister property, STORY Seychelles, offers a rejuvenating experience. In Seychelles, there are various resorts that offer spa treatments. However, their outstanding service distinguishes them as Seychelles’ best beach resort spa.

For the best resorts offer for Seychelles, you can email Fishermans Cove Resort at [email protected].

Zaraki Kenpachi