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Apartment Hunting 101: What is a Luxury Apartment?

Apartment living is more popular now than ever before.

With this surge in popularity, apartment marketing has gotten more complicated. One of the terms you might see when apartment hunting is “luxury apartments.”

What is a luxury apartment exactly? Read on to learn what distinguishes a luxury apartment from the rest.

The most basic way to explain the difference between luxury apartments vs. regular apartments is that luxury apartments are designed to provide you with a higher quality experience overall.

The exact features included in each apartment vary depending on the owner’s, so make sure to check out the specific features of each apartment you consider.

Well Maintained and Updated

Two things that you can always expect in luxury apartments are for them to be well maintained and updated.

Both the interior and exterior should be in good condition, and chances are you will see more landscaping than at other types of apartments.

When it comes to their age, it doesn’t matter as much when they were initially built, but it does matter if things have been upgraded over time. Newer appliances are to be expected, and you can typically find premium finishes as well.

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Amenities Galore

Another thing to watch out for when apartment hunting for luxury apartments is the amenities available at each complex.

Luxury apartments often include free access to a pool and fitness center, quality maintenance, and free parking at a minimum. You can typically find what amenities each place offers on their website, but don’t be afraid to ask during an apartment tour to see the available facilities.

More Space

As the popularity of apartment living grows, the square footage of new apartments shrinks. This isn’t the case with luxury apartments.

They are more spacious than traditional apartments and often offer multiple layout options to pick from.
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Having enough space is a very important factor when it comes to any living situation, but it’s especially important for families, people with pets, and those who work from home and need extra space to do so. If having an abundance of space is important to you, definitely try looking into luxury apartments.


Luxury apartments should be in highly desirable locations. Expect them to be close to shopping and other important local attractions.

If you have a desire to be close to the action, luxury apartment living might be for you. If you’re wondering how to search for an apartment that lives up to the luxury name, start by looking in high-demand areas and going from there.

What Is a Luxury Apartment?—Simply the Best

There are many different types of apartments, but this article highlights some of the features of luxury apartments in particular.

What is a luxury apartment? It varies from complex to complex, but it should be well maintained, updated, full of amenities, spacious, and in a good location. If these features are important to you and you’re apartment hunting, definitely take a look at luxury apartments first and foremost.

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