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2024 Genesis GV70 -The Luxury SUV you need

More people are looking to spend significantly when purchasing an SUV to enjoy luxury amenities in this segment. Thus, the 2024 Genesis GV70 is an ideal luxury SUV, demand of which is increasing. This SUV is the first from Genesis in this category and its specs show that why people are so interested in buying this luxury SUV.  Therefore, take a look at this stunning vehicle in detail. 

2024 Genesis GV70 Powertrain 

The base engine consists of 2.5L turbocharged, which is considered to be one of the quickest engines in its category. It comprises 300 horsepower, which is significantly higher than most SUVs in the market. Quick acceleration and certain other features make it a viable option for people looking to purchase a luxurious SUV. However, people are highly interested in V6 3.5L engine. It creates 375 horsepower and is fitted under the Sport model’s hood. 

Both the models come with standard AWD along with automatic 8-speed transmission to offer the quickness this vehicle has. Swift handling along with obvious athleticism and power of reaching 0-60mph in just 5 seconds make it worth buying. Also, this SUV offers 22 mpg and 28 mpg in city and highway respectively (turbocharged engine) and 19 mpg and 25 mpg in city and highway respectively (V6 engine). 

Furthermore, the luxurious aspect of this vehicle is what makes it even more appealing to people. Have a look at the interior and certain exterior details to understand why you need this royal SUV. 

Cabin and exterior 

You need to understand that there are numerous models that you can buy when it comes to SUVs. However, this is the car they want is due to its mesmerizing exterior and interior along with superior engine quality. 

The exterior comes in a sleek design and glossy paint job that makes this SUV attractive to everyone who comes across it. The horizontally long taillights and headlights, stylish dual exhaust system, huge grille, and more make it one of the most elegant cars that you can own. 

Once you are bewitched by the exterior beauty, the cabin comes with impressive design and building materials that will make you buy this luxury sport SUV. The finesse of this interior gives a luxury vibe to anyone who sits inside this vehicle. Moreover, it offers ample space making every ride as comfortable as any other SUV can provide or more. Also, there is ample cargo capacity along with tech features that makes it better than any other SUV in the market. 

Apart from all these luxurious looks, superior engine, etc. one of the factors that make it an SUV you need to have, is the pricing. It costs lesser than any other luxury car in this segment and still provides better features and other amenities. 

The price of this SUV starts from $42,045 and if you are looking to get it, you should quickly visit a dealership near you. You can check out all available trims of this SUV as well as get the best deals to own this luxurious SUV instantly. 

Zaraki Kenpachi