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Why Check Presenters Are Important to Impress Your Restaurant Guests

In the hospitality industry, it is important to soak every detail of services provided in politeness and comfort for the growth of the hotel or restaurant. Perfectly serving a customer does not only involve providing delicious meals, but it also encompasses the neatness of the utensils, the attractiveness of the surroundings, and even the bill representation service. Check presenters are used to make billing and payment respectful, neat, and concise to further boost comfort.

Putting an ordinary piece of paper on the table will not rhyme with the ambiance of a conducive surrounding, so it is important to employ the use of an attractive check presenter. Adding to the impressive representation of bills, a check presenter is essential because it can be used to carry multiple paper receipts.

Many customers prefer their bills to come in check presenters to conceal their bills from others, while some others just prefer check presenters due to the fanciness of it.

Presenting bills in check presenters also opens an opportunity for the restaurant management to print delightful comments fancily where they can be easily seen by customers, as an added benefit of using them. This has proven to improve customer experience and result in higher customer retention rate.

While standard check presenters are normally black, some producers of check presenters like Marque Menus, give room for customization of the check presenters. Custom check presenters can be designed to match menu holders, drink books, table stands, or even the surrounding colors to have a uniform with other service equipment in the restaurant or hotel.

Marque Menus produce special handcrafted menu and bill presentation materials for hotels, pubs, and restaurants. We also allow for custom orders – Our company provides check presenters to match any material used to produce your menu covers (wood, metal, or leather check presenters), handcrafted using the best possible quality of these materials and then customized to fit your descriptions.

Also, there is an option on our website where you can request mockups for your orders to know how they look before delivery.

Special portable check presenters with essential extras such as pen holders, credit & debit card pockets, profile clips, etc. are available in unique attractive designs. Our customized check presenters can also serve as an avenue for branding as you can order for us to inscribe your logo or business name and colors for brand recognition.

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