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How Cabin and Exterior Design of 2024 Honda CR-V Caught People’s Eyes?

Noteworthy design is the first thing that will come to people’s mind after they take a glance at the 2024 Honda CR-V. Cheeky exterior design and classy as well as spacious interior with plenty features makes this the car to buy. However, if you really do plan to get this vehicle when in Emeryville Honda dealership, then check out the exterior and interior cabin details first. 

Exterior design 

One of the most attracting aspects of this vehicle’s exterior is the front-end portion. It comes with a uniquely designed grille and placement of Honda logo that kind of looks fetching. The headlight placed looks outstanding due to their design that complements the body strongly. Four-door layout with a door at the back for accessing the trunk space is what gives it a classy vibe that might be missing from many cars in this segment. 

Even the front bumper looks unique along with the taillights placed at the correct position. It’s like Honda left no stones unturned in creating a mesmerizing look for the 2024 CR-V. The interior of this car is equally beautiful and you should go through its specifications in detail which are given below. 

Interior design and cabin space 

The interior design can be refers to as one of the stylish in this category and cabin space is abundant. Upscale items and materials are used for manufacturing the cabin that offers a comfortable and cool space for all. With a modern design and feel makes this vehicle even more fetching for all. 

Chromed plastic, satin finish, wood accents, and more in some of the trims give a luxury vibe. Leather upholstery with supportive seats for all makes long rides comfortable and relaxing. Apart from the standard version, every trim receives 7-inch display along with smartphone integration (Android Auto & Apple CarPlay), satellite radio, etc. Optional features include 9-speaker sound system, navigation, and more. 

Furthermore, CR-V is the forerunner when it comes to carrying capacity. It supreme cargo space and ability to carry loads along with user-friendly system make it the best in this class without any question. The trunk space can hold 10 carry-ons and with a folded backseat, much more than any other car in this segment can. If you want to take a glance of this vehicle, head over to Emeryville Honda dealer for a consultation. 

Apart from all these, the 2024 Honda CR-V comes with quite a nice powertrain that suits this vehicle ideally. Also, the starting price of 2024 CR-V is around $26,578; however, try to get the EX-Hybrid variant ($31,789) or above models like Touring ($34,878). 

With such reasonable pricing and outstanding exterior along with interior cabin, there is no question as to why the 2024 Honda CR-V catches the eyes of the people looking to buy a car. If really need a practical car that will also offer amazing driving experience, comfort, perfect for cities and highway driving, reasonably priced, then there is no better choice you can get than the 2024 CR-V. 

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