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Dried Flowers Adds Appeal To Your Living Space

Dried flowers aren’t everyone’s favourite. Apart from being less colourful and brilliant, they often can’t compete with fresh flowers, which are in high demand throughout the season. On the other hand, dried flowers are a fantastic source of decking material if you want to give a sense of elegance and rarity to your surroundings. Everything is determined by its shape and structure, which changes as they dry. Dried flowers, as a result of this transformation, become a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Dried flowers are a fantastic alternative for decking up material if you reside in a summer-influenced nation because they require little to no upkeep. In addition, they don’t need any water or sunlight, unlike new flowers. These days, Milla Rose dried flowers are the most popular raw material for interior design, weddings, and other special occasions. 

Flower Drying Techniques

Blooms are traditionally dried upside down in a warm, dark location so that moisture is gradually wicked away and the flowers retain their form. Depending on your environment, this procedure might take weeks. You may also use flash drying techniques to speed up the process. 

  • Microwave. It’s worth noting, however, that this procedure necessitates the use of specialized equipment.
  • Oven. On the coldest setting possible. This procedure necessitates the use of a large portion of the day as well as constant observation.
  • The trunk of a car The effectiveness of this approach will be influenced by the weather.
  • Crystals of silica gel.

Which Flowers Do You Dry Best?

Flowers with a higher petal count maintain their shape better when dried. Therefore they’re excellent for drying. Colour should also be considered, as flower pigment naturally changes over time, especially during drying. (White blossoms, for example, will frequently turn brown.) As a result, flowers with deeper or brighter colouring are preferable. Dahlias are one of the best flowers for drying.

  • Sunflowers
  • Flower on a cone
  • Zinnias
  • Roses
  • Dianthus(carnation family)
  • Eucalyptus is a tree native to Australia (Seeded, Gunny, Silver Dollar, Baby, etc.)
  • Myrtle
  • Tails of Bunnies
  • Flower of rice

Ideas for Decorating with Dried Flowers

Do you want to include some of nature’s beauty in your decor? We’ve got a couple of dried flower decoration ideas on deck that have served us well in the past!

Gift wrap with tiny, dried flowers and greenery

A photo of dried flowers being used to wrap gifts is a unique way to use dried flowers. Attach bouquets of dried flowers and leaves to various types of gift wrapping to add a floral accent. Next, wrap your present in twine, and then lay your dried flower arrangement on top of the string. Finish it off with a secure knot or bow, and you’ve got yourself a lovely, dried flower present! It’s a beautiful way to wrap gifts for Mother’s Day, Birthdays, and Weddings, especially when real flowers aren’t available.

Make a phone cover with your favourite dried flowers

Do you want to be able to carry your favourite dried flowers with you at all times? Keeping them on your phone cover is an excellent method to achieve this! Remove your flowers from the press when they are dry and flat, and lay them on your phone cover. Working in odd numbers appears to be the most attractive. Use transparent resin or clear PVA glue to keep them in place. After it has dried, you may insert your device and use it normally.

Display pressed flowers in a transparent frame to make lovely mini-art creations

Make still-life art using flowers from your garden, a present, or a bridal bouquet. These pressed, dried flowers look lovely encased in transparent glass frames on walls, desktops, or side tables. There are many simple tutorials and DIY blogs on how to make them yourself, so get started now and start making gorgeous art for your house, office, or as a present.

Arrange them in a vase to enjoy throughout the year

Arranging dried flowers in a vase is the most frequent technique to exhibit them. Begin by placing floral foam at the bottom of your jar. Distribute the tallest foliage evenly first, then arrange the more giant dried leaves or flowers, cutting the stem lengths as needed to get the desired form. You may use any type of vase to make a beautiful centerpiece or try a straw tote or basket for a unique look. Rice flowers, lavender, and rabbit tail grass will give these a local French vibe.

For your coffee table, make flowery resin coasters

Making DIY resin floral coasters is the lucky seventh and final application for your dried flowers on our list of seven. They’re a simple and enjoyable way to create a unique botanical present for friends or yourself. Are you looking for something to do with your kids during the holidays? It’s the perfect Sunday afternoon arts and craft activity. They’ll keep your coffee table clear of stains and your living area looking lovely.

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