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7 Special Gifts for a Girl on 21st Birthday

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girl

Finding a perfect birthday gift for someone is not an easy task, and when that person is a girl in her early 20’s, it only becomes tougher. People with a young age like 21 are amongst the most dynamic minds and to gift someone of that age whether it’s for a birthday, or a special occasion, you’ll need some research or a good connection with the person. To help you pick the right gifts, we are bringing you the list of top presents that you can give to them that can never go wrong. Let’s check them out.

1. Laptop for University Students

At this age of 21, where most people are in a university or about to be in one, a laptop could be a perfect companion to them. Such a gadget will be of immense use to your girl throughout her graduation and maybe beyond that too. The system you buy for her doesn’t have to be too powerful or expensive unless she is doing her majors in designing or any other subjects that demand the heavy graphics use. You can easily find her a sleek and light-weight laptop to easily carry it.

2. Stylish Backpack

Another present to consider giving her is a stylish backpack. This gift is right to give to the ones in college or university. A good-looking bag that is durable and spacious is also something that girls who travel a lot would appreciate. Pick a one with elegant colours and would go well with the kind of daily work and lifestyle she has.

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3. Some Beautiful Flowers Will Do

Who doesn’t like a bouquet of fresh and beautiful flowers given to them? Flowers are a special gesture to make her feel how special she is to you. But sadly, we get to see so less of flower shops around us today, that we can barely find a place with a variety of flowers on offer. Luckily, there are some online stores where you can get some lovely flowers delivered to your loved ones. So, no matter whether you cannot make it to the town to celebrate her birthday with her, you can still gift her these flowers with mere clicks. Be it sending flowers to Germany from USA or France to Singapore; there are some options on the web to help you out with it. 

4. Gifting Health with a Fitness Band

Gift her better health by choosing a fitness band for her. Even if your girl does not like to work out, fitness bands can get her on the right track to get fit with what it has to offer. The step counters, heartbeat monitors, activity scores, and many other features will be sure to make her interested in how she goes on about her fitness. If you two are close, then you can also find fitness bands for couples around you that will keep you both updated on how active you two are on the day.

5. Buy Gift-Cards to Let Them Decide

Not sure what she likes? Get her a gift card, a voucher or an eCode from some of the top shopping sites and let her decide. We often make the mistake of just buying passing over something to our loved ones without even considering what would be in their minds. A better option compared to gifting just anything is getting them a gift card and letting them decide what they want as their gift. Doing so will at least let them know that you are considerate about their wishes and what they choose will be much more useful to them.

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6. Customized Mugs

Customized mugs with particular messages or photos can make her birthday special. Getting your birthday wishes or a message for her imprinted on a coffee mug will let her keep it for longer than any text or conversation. There would be moments when she will be reading your words on the cups before picking it to fill with coffee and which will keep you in her mind.

7. A Premium Make-Up Kit

Make-up kits are another option to consider when gifting your girl who just turned 21. It is an age when girls are still trying out new make-up to fit in their daily routines and are sure to have some on their wish-list. So, try and figure out what kind of make-up is she looking for and surprise her with it as her present on her birthday.

Zaraki Kenpachi