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7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Lingerie ASAP

Lingerie is an important part of one’s wardrobe. It makes one feel confident and good about one’s body. But it is also important to know when to replace one’s older lingerie with newer pieces. This can be done by getting rid of one’s older pieces of lingerie and buying new ones from here.

It is not always easy to tell when one should upgrade one’s older lingerie with a new one. But there are some signs that can help to determine if it is time to replace one’s lingerie. These signs are:

1. It does not fit anymore

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As lingerie is specifically made so that one can look and feel good in their skin, it is important that the lingerie actually fits the person it is for. There can be many reasons why lingerie does not fit anymore. These include gain or loss in weight of the person, increasing body proportions, loosening of elasticity of the fabric, loss of shape and structure, etc.

When lingerie is too big or too small to fit one’s body, it becomes much more difficult to wear it and pull it off. Hence, if one’s lingerie does not fit them anymore due to any reason, one should replace it with newer lingerie options that actually fit them and make them feel comfortable and confident.

2. There are tears in the fabric

Sometimes, either due to accident or regular wear, the fabric of some lingerie may tear. This is mostly seen in delicate lingerie made with light material fabric. The tears in lingerie, just like any other cloth not only makes it look bad but also it is not very comfortable to wear. Just like every piece of clothing needs to be stitched or replaced when torn, so does lingerie. And since lingerie is delicate it is not possible to stitch it by yourself.

Hence, in such a situation, one should start looking for newer lingerie and discard the old, torn ones. Even the small torn holes in lingerie can expand when one wears it, this is why one should always replace such lingerie with a new one as soon as possible.

3. It has lost its elasticity

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The elasticity of Lingerie is what gives it shape and allows it to hold on to one’s body. Due to regular use and stretching of the elastic, it can lose its elasticity over time. This can lead to loose fabrics, unnecessary ruffles and a bad fit. This also makes the lingerie lose its shape and structure. Hence, it gives off a shabby look. To keep a neat look, it is important to wear lingerie that actually fits. Wearing well-fitted lingerie will not only make one look gorgeous but also feel gorgeous. Hence, if one has lingerie that is loose due to the lack of elasticity, it would be a good idea to replace it.

4. The fabric’s colour is faded

Lingerie is not always about comfort. It is also about aesthetics and style. One huge part of aesthetics is colour. Many lingerie, especially those which are cheaper, can lose their colour over time.

This can be due to the use of bleach, natural bodily discharges, not following the washing instructions specific to particular lingerie or using the wrong detergents. It can also be caused by prolonged and regular wearing of the said lingerie. Hence, if the colour of the lingerie seems faded or dull, it is a good option to replace it with the new one.

5. It is uncomfortable to wear

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Lingerie that might have seemed comfortable and intact when one bought it can turn uncomfortable due to wear and tear caused by regular wear. A piece of lingerie can become uncomfortable to wear if its fabric has a lot of lint, is disformed, the stitching of it seems to be coming off, the wires of a bra are poking through or simply because it does not fit anymore. In any of these cases, if the lingerie does not fit comfortably over one’s body, it is time to replace it with newer pieces.

6. It has lost its shape

Much structured lingerie has a particular shape and structure which makes it fit onto one’s body in a convenient and flattering way. The specific shape of certain bras, panties, corsets, bralettes and other types of lingerie are made to fit one’s body like a glove but there may be times when due to regular wear and tear and washing of the lingerie, it might lose its structured shape.

When this shape is lost, the lingerie becomes ill-fitting and does not look very flattering nor does it feel very comfortable to wear. Hence, one can choose to replace one’s lingerie in such a case.

7. One is bored with the designs one already has

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There are many different types of lingerie in the market and they are all very unique with different cuts, designs, patterns, fabric, laces, etc. This makes one want to try different styles of lingerie once in a while.

If one feels like they do not really enjoy wearing the lingerie that they had once bought, they can choose to replace it with new lingerie that is more fitting to their current style. After all, the purpose of lingerie is to make one feel comfortable and confident and changing one’s lingerie according to one’s style preference is sure to boost one’s confidence.


From the above points, it becomes quite clear why and when a person should opt for buying a new pair of lingerie and so goodbye to an older pair. One should replace their lingerie when it no longer makes them feel comfortable or confident when its size expands or shrinks and does not fit anymore when there are any tears or cuts or changes in the colour, as well as the elasticity of the fabric when it’s shape and structure, has been altered due to regular wear and frequent wash and when one gets bored of its style.

This will help one ensure that their wardrobe is up to date and make them feel more comfortable with respect to the lingerie they wear.

Mariah Robinson