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Forgot Your Friend’s Birthday? Try These Last-Minute Solutions!

There are times when you find yourself forgetting your friend’s birthday. Even after you talked about it with your group of friends, wrote it down on a calendar, and set a reminder, the date eludes you until the very last possible minute. This is when most people rush to specialty stores to pick something random that ends up unused and forgotten.

This poor tactic only leads you to spend more money than you had planned on a gift that wasn’t carefully selected because you feel guilty that you forgot a friend’s birthday. To avoid ending up in such a situation, you would have to get a little more creative. Fortunately, there are a couple of solutions that can help get you through having forgotten your friend’s birthday.

What Last-Minute Solutions Should You Try When You Forget Your Friend’s Birthday

Get Them Their Favourite Food or Pastry

With a busy schedule, you might end up forgetting about your friend’s birthday and getting them a gift altogether. In such circumstances, placing a last-minute order for a birthday cake or attempting to bake one yourself might also be a little far-fetched. Instead, go down to their favorite pastry store, buy them a box of their favorite cupcakes, brownies, or cookies, wrap it up nicely, and take it with you to their birthday party.

If your friend is celebrating their birthday with a simple get-together with a few friends at a restaurant or coffee shop, you can offer to pay for the meal as a birthday gift. Picking up the tab for a meal is a great way to ensure the recipient enjoys their gift and is always a nice gesture.

Alternatively, if they are not doing anything at all, you can always pick up their favorite meal on your way over to surprise them. Everyone loves free food; getting them something they really like only adds a personal touch.

Spend Time With Them

Maybe the reason you forget your friend’s birthday is that you both have a lot going on and haven’t gotten the chance to see each other in a long time. Consider setting a date where you and your friend can have a spa day, go to a concert, see a movie or hang out as a way to celebrate their birthday. Spending time together is usually the best gift.

Create a Short Motion Picture Video

There are several ways to get creative when celebrating a friend’s birthday, and creating a short motion picture video is one of them. Although it is not as personal as a meal or gift, it is easy to make and won’t take too much detail or time. Selecting a few pictures of you and your friend on previous birthdays, different occasions, or setting and customizing them into a carousel of memories is a simple yet great way to celebrate them.

An Impromptu Road Trip

Sometimes unplanned plans always end up materializing, so why not go out on a limb and offer a last-minute road trip. Road trips are always fun, and they present an opportunity to unwind and appreciate scenery you never get to see daily. If there is a lovely resort nearby, you can turn the road trip into a simple weekend getaway; either way, your friend will appreciate a few hours of relaxation.

Make Them a Hand-written Card

In a world where people communicate through direct messages, texts, and emails, nothing says personalized like receiving a hand-written card. This is one of the last-minute solutions that guarantee your efforts are appreciated since it depicts a well-thought and well-planned gift.

Since hand-written notes are retro, you can be sure they will pass for a unique gift. Anyone who receives such a gift will definitely love it.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are always the go-to for last-minute gifts, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. All you would need to do is choose a store your friend likes, and they will receive an e-gift card via email within minutes. Though saving money on gift cards can be challenging, there are some like Raise that offer discounts.

Other sites such as GiftNow allow you to select a gift that your friend can then customize, exchange for something entirely different, pick out sizes and colors and confirm before it ships. This is the best solution for when you are conflicted on what to get them.

Make The Little Time You Have Left Count

Most people forget a friend’s birthday, while others even forget about the birthdays of their parents, kids, and significant others. When you realize you forgot your friend’s birthday and don’t have enough time to plan for something big, it might be time to seek a little inspiration. Consider the last-minute solutions outlined above.

Zaraki Kenpachi