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Give your routine a new twist with sola wood flowers

The current pandemic has made everyone sick with being stuck in lockdown and ultimately having no profound routine. If you also feel like that, you have also lost interest in your normal daily routine and have zero sources of entertainment and no connection to nature. We have a solution for all your problems which can help you in giving a good routine to stay motivated in such hard times. Sola wood flowers are the talk of the town these days specially during lockdown.

What are sola wood flowers?

The majority number of people are not familiar with the sola wood flowers. These are the wooden flowers that are also called as Shola. The interesting thing about these naturally occurring flowers is that they are not real but are eco-friendly, which are very easy to use and sustainably cut into any shape. These flowers are obtained from the wood of a tapioca plant root called Cassava (a.k.a. manioc, arrowroot, yuca). The cassava plant is naturally found in tropical climates and can easily survive any drought-resistant condition.

What can you try with sola wood flowers?

Due to the molding property of these sola wood flowers, these flowers can be easily turned into any shape and size of your choice. The reason for the popularity of these personalized wooden roses is that you can try multiple creative ideas with these flowers, such as:

  • Bridal bouquet.
  • Rings and handmade bracelets.
  • Flower backdrop.
  • Vase flowers.
  • Home decoration ornaments.
  • Flower jewelry for brides.

Are sola wood flowers worth the money?

Before buying sola wood flowers, many customers doubt how much they cost or will these flowers be worth it or not? First, these personalized wooden roses are made from 100% natural, biodegradable and sustainable material to clear all your tensions. That means it will last longer if you take care of these flowers properly.

Secondly, these are very budget-friendly, which makes them worth buying for. As sola wood flowers can long last very easily, these can turn out as a good investment.

How are these flowers so different from other flowers?

When we choose any flower for either decorating our homes or any event, the biggest concern is its availability, price, and how long those flowers will last. But that is not the case with sola wood flowers. Sola wood flowers are very different from other flowers. These are eco-friendly, long-lasting flowers that you can use anywhere to decorate your room, lounge, or any place in your home. You can also use different aroma scents on these for a fresh ambiance. You can design any of your places according to your freedom and style, making these sola wood flowers a must-have in your house.

We know how it feels to design when you can recreate your own place with your own hands as it can be very stress-relieving for you.


Sola wood flowers have many hidden wonders as people are still using them and discovering many things about these flowers. So if you are also looking for an interesting routine in this hard time of the pandemic, then what are you waiting for? Visit the online website now and orders you.

Zaraki Kenpachi