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Ways to Design a Perfect Living Room for your 3 BHK Flat

Bored with the monotonous design of your living room? Looking for inspiration and ways to design a perfect living room? If that’s the case, this blog is just the thing that you need.

Are you a proud owner of a luxurious 3 BHK flat in Dwarka Mor? Then you can surely relate to the vast living room. From binge-watching on Netflix to hosting weekend parties, your living room is the quintessential hub of all pleasure in your flat. 

To preserve this ‘Fun room, you should regularly make a few changes. Here are the ways to design a perfect living room for your 3 BHK flat.

  • Start with the Right Furniture

If there’s one thing that adds comfort to a living room, it’s the right furniture. Before choosing the furniture for the living room of your 3 BHK flat in Nawada, measure the room’s dimensions.

After all, no one wants furniture that takes up more than half of their rooms. Choose only those that match the size and look of the living room. Also, while arranging, place the furniture away from the walls. This will create an illusion that makes the room look bigger than it is. If you are confused about the direction, as a general rule, point your furniture towards the direction of the TV.

  • Choose your Colours Wisely

Next among the list of ways to design a perfect living room comes colours. Your living room either looks lively (as it should be) or dull – there’s no in-between. Hence, before choosing the colours, make thorough research.

As already mentioned above, the colours of the room should portray a joyous effect. You can experiment with the shades of green or light blue. A complete white living room also adds a sophisticated touch which you can definitely try in your 3 BHK flat in Dwarka Mor.

  • Invest in Hi-tech Appliances

What good is a lavish living room if there’s no smart TV or an Alexa Home? This brings us to the next point among the ways to design a perfect living room – Invest in hi-tech appliances.

Love watching football or daily soaps? Why not enjoy it on a large screen, sitting on that comfy sofa in the lavish living room of your 3 BHK flat in Nawada any other area?

  • Decorate the Corners

Corners are often overlooked and we always undermine their true potential. Not anymore though. In our list of the ways to design a perfect living room, decorating the corners is just as important as buying a fancy TV for the room.

You can place indoor plants in ceramic pots at the corners. Not only will these make the room more colourful but also add a touch of freshness. If not plants, you can install big flower vases and handicrafts at the corners too.

  • It’s a Living Room, Not a Showroom

One thing to remember while re-decorating the living room of your 3 BHK flat in Dwarka Mor is that it’s not a showroom. While decorating, some people tend to overdo and thus ruin the ambience. 

Fancy lights, false ceilings and noisy walls all around are suitable for showrooms and not for living rooms. Always remember that simplicity is the best decoration.

  • Ask the Experts

Lastly in this list of the ways to design a perfect living room is to contact the experts. Kamal Associates – a renowned property consultancy agency also specializes in home decorations. With years of experience in this field, the executives at the firm can suggest you the best ideas based on your needs.

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