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What are the 3 Common Living Room Mistakes to Avoid?

Decorating a living room is not as easy as it sounds. Most homeowners are so excited about decorating their spaces they get lost in the process, and this is where things go wrong. Interior designers recommend balancing creativity and functionality while choosing items for your living room. 

What are these common mistakes? 

The following are some common mistakes homeowners tend to make when it comes to decorating their living rooms, ways to fix and avoid them in the first place- 

Sectionals are the only option for a living room

Many people assume that placing a sectional in the living makes it cozy, which they will only focus on. However, there are other alternatives that you can try out only if you think out of the box. 

You can use daybeds or even independent chaises to set up a comfortable seating arrangement to break up your space. They act as floater pieces you can even walk around, rendering your room a classy appeal. 

Artwork too high 

This is one of the biggest mistakes homeowners tend to make often. This does not apply only to the sofa but the other areas of your home as well. If you place the artwork too high, you will be forced to look at it from an awkward angle leading to neck sprains if you are not careful.

Interior designers recommend hanging the artwork just 10 inches from the back of the sofa, and if you are going in for art hangings, not above your sofa, the ideal space should be eight inches. This is roughly about 65 cm from your floor or just above eye level for an average person. 

Selecting the wrong sized furniture

Furniture for your living room often goes wrong as most people are unaware of the right ways to arrange them in the room. Besides furniture, you need to buy the ideal curtains, sofa covers, cushion covers, etc. to make sure everything is in proper sync and balance. Keep these tips in mind when buying furniture for your home.

  • For small spaces, invest in compact and sleek furniture with shorter armrests. There should be space for you to move around the furniture without hassles.
  • If your room has a low ceiling, choose furniture pieces with thin legs and a low backrest to give the room more space and height.
  • Large rooms with ceilings that are high need larger armchairs and sofas. They mitigate the feeling of empty floors.

Make sure you choose the right fabrics and textures to sync with your furniture. Do not just focus on getting the same texture for your room. You can always opt for a variety of them and blend them all in together. Staying within the same colour palette gives your room a more sophisticated appeal and look. 

Keep the above mistakes in mind when decorating your living room to get the correct balance of functionality and aesthetic appeal with success. 

Zaraki Kenpachi