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The Apartment Furniture Guide: How to Furnish Small Apartments

Apartment living can be frugal and in many areas of the country, necessary. If you call an apartment home, you are joining the 1 in 8 Americans that also do.

Some people live in apartments to be near work or campus, others because the area where they live has a poor housing market. Apartments are more flexible than owning a house, plus maintenance and other amenities are often included.

One of the downsides of apartment living is the space. Small apartments are the norm, especially single bedroom or studio apartments. It can often seem like there is no space to do much besides sleep.

With the right apartment furniture and correct placement, you can make your small space seem larger. Keep reading for some how-to tips.

Small Apartments Lack Storage

One of the first things you will notice is that the smaller the apartment size, the less storage there is. This can even be a problem in big apartments or small homes. Chances are you will need to make your furniture work for you.

Raise your bed to store boxes, shoes, and other items. Bulky dressers take up space, so add an organizer in your closet to keep most of your clothes.

Get more room in your bathroom by adding a countertop organizer and an over-the-toilet standing shelf unit to store towels, toilet paper, and other items. For your living room space add a few ottomans or sitting cubes that double as storage when you lift the lid.

Create Your Own Space

Some apartments may require you to create your own space, like an eating area or your sleeping quarters. This is especially true if you are in a studio apartment. If you plan on having guests over, you don’t want them sitting on your bed.

Using furniture to quarter off different areas can give you some privacy. Bookshelves, tables, and curtains can act as a buffer. Using a futon as your bed that can easily turn into a couch could alleviate the need for 2 spaces.

If you have the option between multiple apartments, like those found at Liberty Properties, take the time to choose one that will fit your needs, or that you can make work for you.

Get Rid of Clutter

Before moving into your small apartment, now is the time to get rid of all the junk you’ve been collecting. When you have lots of extra space it’s easy for extra clothes, shoes, dishes, and other items to make their way into your home. Things to get rid of can include:

  • Items past their expiration date
  • Things you own multiple of
  • Items that you only use once in a while and are replaceable or borrowable
  • Decor you don’t like
  • Clothes you haven’t worn for more than a year
  • Unsued makeup and beauty products
  • Items that are broken

Just taking care of the items on this list will allow you to pare down your belongings. Even luxury apartments don’t have enough room for everything.

Try It on for Size

Small apartments don’t need to limit or cramp your style. With just a few thoughtful additions and some planning, you can make your apartment feel like home and a place you will want to return to every night.

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Zaraki Kenpachi