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5 Helpful Home Office Organization Tips and Tricks

The Covid-19 Pandemic has taken many American workers out of the office and left them working from their homes instead. While this can give you a lot of comfort and flexibility, it can also leave you with a cramped and cluttered workspace if you don’t have the proper setup.

We’ve put together this guide to show you some of the best organization tips that will help you transform your space into a real at-home office, so make sure you keep reading below!

1. Create Storage Space Outside Your Desk

If you try to fit all your office supplies on your desk, you’ll run out of actual working space very fast. Instead, reserve your desk for urgent or current projects only. Everything else should have a home somewhere else.

Invest in a filing cabinet, bookcase, cubby unit, etc. If you don’t have a lot of space in your office (or if your office is just a desk in the living room), take advantage of verticle space. Hang floating shelves above your desk to hold necessary books or paperwork.

Even just one of these pieces of furniture will help you save space on your desk.

2. Keep the Personal Items to a Minimum

You might be tempted to load up your desk with all your favorite fidget toys, figures, flowers, or other knickknack. After all, you work from home! Your boss will never see your desk or tell you what you can and can’t have sitting on it.

Don’t do this.

Overloading your desk with personal items can make your office feel cluttered, and it can take up valuable work space. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have any decoration in your office, though. In fact, the right room decor can improve your productivity.

Make room for your decor in other spots. For example, you can sprinkle your personal items over a set of floating shelves or install office murals to add personality to the room.

3. Hang up a Calendar

One of the best organization hacks for home offices is as simple as hanging up a calendar on your wall. This will show you what you have coming up so you never fall behind schedule.

If you have enough space, buy a larger calendar so you have room to make plenty of notes on each day. Since places often change, it’s also a good idea to use a whiteboard. You can easily erase your writing and add something new instead.

4. Store All Your Office Supplies in Your Office

Your home already has a spot for things like scissors, pencils, tape, staples, etc. However, you need to buy extras of these items and keep them in your office as well.

Otherwise, you’ll have to get up from your desk and take a walk through the house every time you need them. This can be a major distraction and a big time-waster. Not only that, it will just get annoying after you do it a few times.

Keeping these things in your office will make you more productive.

5. Use Drawer Organizers

Throwing all your office supplies in a drawer will keep your desk clean, but it will turn your filing cabinet into a disaster. Spending a bit of extra money on drawer organizers is worth the cost.

This will give you a way to sort your paperwork and keep your supplies separate. You will be easily able to see what you have and find what you need at all times.

The Best Organization Tips for Your Home Office

If you need to clear up some space in your home office, make sure you follow these organization tips! They will not only help you declutter, but they will also allow you to be more productive during your day.

Want more room design ideas for your home office? Make sure you take a look at the rest of our blog!

Zaraki Kenpachi