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How to Make the Best Home Office

The Corona Virus pandemic has caused a lot of changes to our personal and professional lives. one of which has been the increased use of the home office as we’ve been forced to work from home. Whether looking for local Perth office furniture or just looking for ideas, this article will help create the best home office.


Before you can set-up your home office you need to find your dedicated office space that you want to fill with all of your home office furniture. If you have a spare room use it, don’t sit at the dinner table. Having a dedicated room to work in will help you separate your home life from your work life without leaving the white brick house.



Make it comfortable. So, you now have your dedicated space now you need to add furniture that you find comfortable. Do you want a standing and sitting desk? Do you want an ergonomic chair? Feeling comfortable and free will help you work and be productive, if you use one of your kitchen stools to sit all day while you’re working you probably won’t get much work done.


Add your own style and personality to space. Adding your own style to space will further add to the comfort of the room, is styled for you so you want to spend time there or you’ll enjoy your time there. Add some of your favorite artwork or some pictures around the place. Anything that makes you feel happy and comfortable while motivate you to work and make the room look the part. Additionally, if you enjoy the outdoors feel free to add some greenery with indoor plants (or even fake plants that require less upkeep).


Lastly, keep it organized. I know it’s your home but having your office space cluttered doesn’t look professional during those zoom meetings and will distract you throughout the day. If needed get some furniture or accessories that will help you stay organized and clutter-free. Drawer organizers and filing cabinets (sounds boring – but are really popular for a reason) will help clear away all that excess paper and clutter off the desk leaving it free for work.

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