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Top 8 Tourist Attractions to Visit in the Baltic Countries

If you plan to visit the Baltic countries, you might want to know the best tourist attractions. Well, you are in the right place. Baltic countries have many places to visit. But it is essential to learn about the best ones. By the end of this article, you will know them and why you should visit these places.

Every Baltic country has different tourist attractions. From historical monuments to art, you can explore everything while traveling. However, it is only possible if you have planned the trip carefully. You can now consider using some websites and platforms that help people to plan a perfect trip. It is crucial to look for a reliable website. For this, you have to research well. You can consider reading customer reviews to find a perfect one. If you don’t want to waste your time, you can select traveladdicts.lt.

A trip should include all the best places present in that particular country. You might be curious to learn about the best tourist destinations in the Baltic countries. Let’s get into the same without wasting any more time.

What are the best tourist attractions to visit in the Baltic countries?

The Baltic countries are already famous for their unique destinations. But if you are planning to go there, you should know which ones are the best. This way, you will save time and money when traveling to these countries. You will only focus on the perfect tourist attractions every traveler should visit. The best places to go in the Baltic countries are as follows-

• AHHAA Science Centre: As the name suggests, it is the most popular science center in Tartu, Estonia. If you are interested in learning scientific things, you should visit this center to gain more knowledge. The only reason to go there is that you might get to see innovative things in the center. They also hold various exhibitions and theatre shows.

Source: teo-exhibitions.com

Visiting science museums is the best way to have fun while learning. That is why you must consider visiting this center during your stay in Estonia. You won’t regret spending your time here with your family or friends. You can also enjoy alone time here.

• The Hill of Crosses: The Hill of Crosses is a spiritual destination that many travelers prefer to see once in a lifetime. This place is pretty unique as it is filled with crosses. Not only Christian people but people having other religions also like to go there to see the beauty of these crosses.

This place is pretty historical because all the crosses present here were installed by the visitors. It was started in the year 1831. So, you can imagine how old some crosses are, but they are still there. The uniqueness of The Hill of Crosses makes it a popular attraction according to tourists. It is located in Lithuania.

• Jurmala: Jurmala is a perfect resort town to spend a holiday with your loved ones. You might already be familiar with the beautiful beaches in the Baltic countries. You can enjoy the scenic beauty of the sea with your room if you visit Jurmala.

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Almost all the travelers that visit the Baltic countries visit Jurmala because of its nature. It is a perfect place for nature lovers. If you are excited to see the blue skies and sea, you should not forget to go there. The summer season will be ideal if you want to visit this place. But that is not necessary; it depends on your preferences and choices. You have to visit Latvia to explore this tourist attraction.

• Basilica of the Assumption: Basilica of the Assumption is another famous pilgrimage destination. It is located in Aglona. You have to visit Latvia to see this beautiful place. One thing that attracts people to this pilgrimage is its architecture. It is pretty fantastic to look at because you might not have seen such a beautiful Basilica anywhere. Many Christians and non-Christians also go there to witness the incredible architecture. Also, note that visitors are primarily religious people as it is a sacred place.

The entire Basilica is designed so that anyone can fall in love with this place. Nature is also there that completes the overall look of the Basilica.

• Narva Castle: The next destination that attracts travelers the most is Narva Castle. You have to visit Estonia to find this vast and beautiful castle. You will be astonished to see the full view of the castle as it looks stunning. The pictures of the castle are enough to make someone visit it. As it is a historical monument, many people are interested in knowing more about it. If you also have a keen interest in history, you should visit this place. There is also a museum in the castle that will help you better understand the past related to it. The lake attached to the castle is another thing that makes it more beautiful.

Source: medievalheritage.eu

• Cesis: Cesis is one of the ancient towns in the country of Latvia. There is a castle that was built in the 13th century. The architecture of this castle is one of the reasons why people always visit this small town. If you want to experience the taste of beer from the ancient brewery, it is a perfect destination for you. Some people only go there to taste the flavor of the beer. For more flavors of beer and how to craft and brew it, check out BarAndDrink.

• The Curonian Spit: Are you a nature lover? If yes, you won’t regret visiting The Curonian Spit in Lithuania. The whole place is surrounded by dunes that you have never witnessed anywhere else. It is one of the most popular natural destinations in the world. So, it is necessary to visit it once in your lifetime.

• Tallinn: Tallinn is a small town in Estonia where you can explore various churches, palaces, art galleries, and more. This town is a famous tourist attraction because of the unique places in the city.

The Bottom Line

Choosing some destinations out of many options is a pretty challenging task. But if you learn about the best ones, you can make it more convenient.

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