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The Top Activities in Danbury CT

Built into the heart of Fairfield County, 55 miles northeast of New York City, Danbury, Connecticut, has an adorable way about it. People call it the Hat City because it was home to the thriving hat industry in the early twentieth century. Another fun fact about Danbury, CT, it has a mineral, Danburite, named after it! 

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Here are some cool ways of spending time in Danbury, CT.

  • Hiking near Danbury CT

Danbury, CT, is home to several beautiful hiking trails for all the outdoor enthusiasts out there. If you are a beginner, you will like the Blue and Parks Pond Loop. It is a 2.7-kilometre hike around a lovely lake. The ideal hiking season is from March to November. You can also check out Bennett’s Pond State Park for the Green Blaze and Yellow Blaze Loop. 

If you have some experience with hiking, you can move a bit higher up the difficulty ladder. Tarrywile Park Trail is one of the most scenic spots in Danbury, CT. Sitting inside the 722-acre Tarrywile municipal park, it attracts every nature lover and photographer around town.  

Nature trails are also found at Bear Mountain Reservation. Educational trails of the Old Quarry Nature Center are pretty popular. The Ives Trail running through Danbury is well known for the Charles Ives House and Hearthstone Castle.

  • Sunset: Danbury CT

There are several spots in and around Danbury, CT, where you can enjoy a tranquil sunset at dusk. The hiking trails that lead up to loftier hills are good vantage points for viewing the sunset. Apart from Danbury, Connecticut is known for several places that offer a magnificent view of the sun at dusk.

Some of these include the Villa Louisa, which serves as a venue for grand weddings, celebrations, meets and parties. This giant villa has a special Sunset Room that offers a great view of the Birch Mountain. 

But something as simple as a sunset shouldn’t take an invitation to some grand event at Louisa Villa. You could take a trip to Ocean Beach Park in New London, CT. The seaport and the neighbouring recreational options are perfect for your spontaneous picnic.

The only thing better than a glowing golden sunset is a glass of fine wine to go with it. Sunset Meadow Vineyards in Goshen, CT, is a great place to live out this fantasy. The meadow looks over Mount Tom and Mohawk Mountain, offering a bird’s eye view of below splendour. 

  • Best Hotels in Danbury CT

Whether you are looking for a relaxing stay or just a place to crash overnight, Danbury, CT, is full of options. From quaint little inns to premium quality hotel services, there is a lot of room for choice. You can buy a package as per your needs and budget.

On the lower end of the price spectrum, you can consider Maron Hotel and Suites on 42 Lake Avenue. La Quinta Inn and Suites on 116 Newtown Road is also quite affordable. These places offer everything you need including WIFI services, air conditioning, a small kitchen and a TV.

If you can afford to spend a bit more on your stay, you could check in at SpringHill Suites at 30 Old Ridgeburry Road or Hampton Inn on 81 Newtown Road. Hampton Inn can pamper you quite a lot with its indoor heated pool, hot tubs and plush, cosy guest rooms. Moreover, it sits amidst tourist attractions and retreats like Candlewood Lake.

  • Museums in Danbury CT

Danbury Museum and Historical Society and Danbury Railway Museum are Danbury’s greatest places of historical importance. The Danbury Museum and Historical Society have a majestic campus on 43 Mainstreet. It owns and maintains six buildings of historical significance.

Huntington Hall houses the main museum displays along with the main office and library. The John Rider House belonged to an army captain involved in the American War of Independence. The John Dodd Hat Shop, which was initially a legal office, is now a hat exhibit. Owing to Danbury’s historical connection with the hat industry, it sports hat styles and hatting machines. 

The Little Red Schoolhouse mirrors a typical Danbury school from the early 18th century. It is built from the bricks found in the ruins of Balmforth Avenue School in Danbury, CT. The Marian Anderson Studio was owned by the eminent opera singer Marian Anderson. It still has a replica of his piano.

Other places of historical importance include the Connecticut 9/11 Memorial and the Army Reserve Special Operations unit. Finally, it has the John Oliver Memorial Sewer Plant, which tells a rather amusing story.

Comedian John Oliver once made fun of Danbury on his show. Oliver, who couldn’t be more excited at this prospect, promised to donate a huge sum to the town’s charities if they actually pulled it off! The Mayor, in response, promised to name this sewer plant after him.

The history and scenic beauty of Danbury, CT, is bound to intrigue you. If you are already thinking of visiting this place, get started on the preparations! If you are a foreign tourist, you will need an ESTA USA travel authorization. 

For more information about what is ESTA, you can check the ESTA website. You can click on check ESTA status to see your authorization status.

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