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Accomplish Your Dream To Marriage with Your Australian Partner With Visa Subclass 300!

The Prospective Marriage Visa subclass 300 has been designed for applicants who wish to tie their nuptial knot soon. However, with this visa, you are only eligible to marry a resident or citizen of Australia or an eligible citizen of New Zealand. With this visa you can stay in Australia as long as nine months. The prospective marriage visa subclass 300 is also known as the fiancé visa in another term. Furthermore, you can apply for the Partner Visas Subclass 801 and 820 according to your present immigration status.

Things you can do!

As the primary holder of the prospective marriage 300 visa, you can do certain things in Australia. These include the following:

  • Travel outside Australia as many times as you want until your visa remains valid
  • Work in Australia and study over there at your own expenses and
  • Visit Australia and reside there until the time your visa subclass 300 remains valid

Remember, that you must provide a crucial piece of information to the immigration officer if you are a New Zealand citizen. You need to inform him or her in case you are already the holder of a valid prospective marriage visa 300. In that case, the application for your 300 visa might get affected.

Required Documents!

There are certain documents that you need to provide to the Australian Immigration Department. After you submit these documents, it will be proven that your relationship with your partner is completely genuine. The basic credentials include the following:

  • Your valid birth certificate
  •  A valid passport and
  • All your identification documents

Apart from these documents you need to prove a sound moral character through some relevant documents more. These include your substantial police clearances obtained from the right authority.

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Additional Documents!

Additional documents basically include several related documents. A comprehensive checklist of these documents can be considered below.

  • Documents that prove the history of your relationship status with your partner. These documents are imperative and should comprise a rundown of the commencement and gradual development of your relationship. Certain aspects like your prospective future plans, shared interests and engagement date should be included as well.
  • Credentials that prove that both you and your partner wish to commence a life together as spouses.
  • Documents that prove that both you and your partner had already met before as adults. Make sure that your first tryst had taken place when you were eighteen years or older.
  • Two consecutive forms for you and your partner with the form number 888. These forms will actually serve as a legal declaration from the end of your selected witnesses. Furthermore, it will prove that your relationship is entirely genuine by attesting the same.
  • Documents that evince the Confirmation of your NOIM lodgment (Notice of Intended Marriage) and
  • A crucial document like a dated, formal and authentically signed letter should be obtained from a valid marriage celebrant.

Remember that your sponsor should be your fiancé if you really wish to apply for this particular visas. Again, there are certain visas holding which at present or in the past can refrain you from applying for the visa subclass 300 successfully.

Fundamental Eligibility Requirements!

  • You must have repaid all your potential debts to the government of Australia. Even if not, at least you should make all the essential arrangements to repay the same.
  • Make sure that you meet all the health requirements in line with the pertinent criteria
  • Meeting the character requirements is equally imperative if you wish to apply for this visa successfully.
  • Your sole sponsor should be your fiancé while you are applying for the partner visa subclass 300 effectively.
  • The application for the visa subclass 300 should be made offshore. It means that you should be outside Australia while applying for this particular visas.
  • Make sure you comply with all the related requirements in the proper and expected way. Even at the time of your visas approval, you need to be outside Australia.
  •  Most importantly, your age should be eighteen years to the minimum or more.

Remember that just like you, your sponsor should also share the same duties and responsibilities along with. Say, for instance, the money that you owe to the Australian government should be shared equally by your fiancé. Your fiancé also has to meet the same set of criteria while applying for the partner visa 300. Most importantly, your fiancé is liable to abide by the same employment obligations while working in Australia.

Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300: Its Processing Time!

The processing time of the marriage visa 300 is between twelve to sixteen months on average. However, this is just an approximate processing time that gets inflict due to several factors. These include the following:

  •       The requirement for further more investigation by the Department of Home Affairs
  •       Erroneous filling out the form of the visas Subclass 300 with incorrect pieces of information and
  •       Submission of inadequate documents to the Department of Home Affairs

Hence, it’s always a feasible idea to seek the help of a Migration Agent in Adelaide for top-notch immigration assistance. Right from collecting the documents, filling out the form to the final lodgement of your visa, your immigration agent Adelaide will assist you at every step.

Family members and their inclusion in the visa application!

Did you know that while applying for the prospective marriage visa subclass 300, you can include certain eligible family members? These include your stepchildren or own children whoever applies. After they grant the visa subclass 300, your family members will get entitled to the same visa conditions and rights as you. So, hire an Immigration Agent Perth and marry your partner with flying colours with the prospective marriage visa 300.

Hire a Migration Agent Perth!

So, do you also wish to apply for the Prospective Marriage Visa Subclass 300? Then, hire a Migration Agent Perth to apply for the said visa impeccably. After evaluating your current immigration circumstances painstakingly, your migration agent will ensure the most gratifying visa application for you.

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