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How to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship with Fiancée

We all want to have our partner around us, but what can you do when fate brings otherwise? For several reasons, geographical proximity to your sweetheart may be impossible for a while, leaving you with nothing but longing alone. When such a thing occurs, the primary focus of the relationship shifts to keeping the flames of love alive until the day that distance becomes history.

If you’re wondering how you can do this with the hugs and kisses limited to the dream world, consider yourself lucky to find this write-up. We are sharing priceless tips for sustaining long-distance with your fiancée. Let’s dive in!

Always Communicate

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Effective communication is essential. Stay connected as much as you can. We are in an era where we can establish contact 24 hours a day.

It may be easy for some couples to talk every hour. Others may struggle to speak daily. Do whatever works for you and your partner. Ensure that you are always connected. You can spend time texting, sending emails, or video calling. You can choose one medium or combine the three.

Handle Important Issues Effectively

Couples always have issues. Whether you share a room or are continents apart, problems will arise. How you handle these issues, distinguish a good relationship.

An essential skill for both partners is conflict resolution. Learn healthy ways to handle small and big issues. No unsolved problem is too small to tear your relationship apart.

The minor matters can degenerate into tricky issues. Solve those problems as they arise to avoid a big fight in the future.

It may take time to be able to bring up complex issues. Nonetheless, you must be ready to talk about them. If you don’t talk about the small things, they will snowball into complex problems.

Schedule Regular Meetup

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It can be tempting to be attached to doing things independently. While this is not entirely bad, it can sever your bond.

So, schedule time to meet up with your partner physically. Things may get rough. The relationship may get lonelier. However, it gets exciting when you have a date to look up to.

It is also essential to visit your partner where they are and vice versa. For instance, if you are in the US and your partner is in the UK, a family K1 visa will bring your partner to you, while an unmarried partner visa will also do the same. You can read more about the K1 visa and unmarried partner visa here.

Always be ready for an emergency visit. If your partner starts feeling disconnected, you should be prepared to travel.

Surprises Are Not Ruled Out

Surprises are an effective way to tell your partner that you care. Surprise your partner often. Simple, random, and thoughtful gifts may bring warmth.

If your partner loves flowers, send one to them if they can’t stop talking about the Top Shop skirt, order one for them.

Ideas of surprises and gifts are endless. Whether it’s for a celebration or not, gift them frequently. You may not be there in person, but your gift represents you. Like we’ve said earlier, the little things accrue to big things.

Be Open with your Struggles

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Involve your partner in your struggles. If you stay blocks away, you won’t hesitate to whine about your problems. In the same way, you should be open with your struggles while distance apart. Talk about your issues, and let them proffer solutions. Even if they don’t offer solutions, they can provide great emotional support. That way, you show your partner that they are important.

However, do not bug your partner with problem-solving. While it is essential to bring them in, problem-solving shouldn’t take the most significant part of your conversations.

Stay Happy

Of course, being close to the one you love will tickle your heart and make you happier. However, what happens if that person is away? When you can’t do things in person and can’t enjoy physical contact? You have to be happy even outside of your relationship. When you are happy without your partner, you become more joyful in the relationship.

Avoid Trust Issues

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Regardless of the situation, always trust your partner. Of course, it is normal to over-think and assumes scenarios when distant away from your partner. However, be wary not to let your insecurity jump out as questions to your partner. When you constantly put your lack of trust in their faces, they would feel hurt. Your partners will believe you don’t trust them by continually asking such questions.

Be There Always

Relationships play a huge role in fostering emotional support. Will you be there when your partner needs you emotionally? Knowing your partner’s needs is as important as yours.

Your partner may be having a crazy day and may want to talk. Be available. Having to handle their emotional calls effectively speaks well of your intent.

If you schedule a time to talk, honor it. The little things accumulate. Being available for your partner’s emotional calls plays a vital role in your relationship.

Have a Long term Merge Plan

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There’s always this emptiness from being apart from your lover. It feels like you have lost a piece. Something made you stay apart, and something can still bring you guys together. It is crucial to have a plan to be together in the long run.

The reasons for a merge are endless. It could be marriage, relocation, engagement, etc. This plan should be the right next step for both partners.

When partners have the assurance that they will unite in the future, they can ride through rough hills. Hence, it is essential to have something to look forward to.

Final Thoughts

Love it or loathe it! Every relationship will go through a long-distance phase. But, how you handle this phase will determine the longevity of your relationship. This article has discussed the basic things that will help you navigate a long-distance relationship.

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