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How to Understand your Partner for an Amazing Relationship.

Understanding is arguably one thing that most people desire in a relationship. We always want to be understood. Who doesn’t want to be understood? Understanding in a relationship not only ensures a smooth relationship but also determines how long or short a relationship will last. Among but a few, below are the importance of understanding your partner

  • You see things from their view.
  • You figure out their behavioral pattern.
  • You build more intimacy.
  • You give and receive respect and appreciation.

Often we can’t attain the heights of understanding our partners on a platter of gold that’s why the tips below are given to assist you in the uneasy but worthy process of understanding your partner.

  1. Understand yourself

You can’t understand another person if you don’t understand yourself.  Knowing yourself helps you know how you would appreciate it if treated in any manner and will enable you to understand how to treat another person.

When you identify what exactly you want, what makes you happy, sad, and anxious, you will have a better picture of how to treat your partner.

Learn to treat people how you would want to be treated because treating your partner the way you want to be treated reduces a whole lot of hitch, and brings you a step closer to understanding each other.

  1. Don’t ever impose things on them

If you want to understand your partner, start by never imposing on them what you deem right or wrong. The striking thing about humans is that we differ in how we reason, perceive things and have ideas. These peculiarities are because we are especially uniquely shaped by circumstances and reasons.

As such, learn to respect your partner’s individuality. Also, no matter how mature or knowledgeable you might feel, don’t try to degrade or make a joke of your partner’s values or ideas. When you do this, you shut all possible doors to understanding your partner and their sense of reason.

  1. Listen and seek clarity before you react.

For you to genuinely understand your partner, you need to listen and ask questions before you react. To listen, you have to pay attention and observe.

There is always a motive behind an action, find it and ask your partner deep or random questions before you react.  Allow your partner to speak, let them explain why they did or didn’t do what they should or shouldn’t do. You can only understand them when you give them the chance to express themselves freely and openly.

In conclusion, understanding your partner is not a day’s job. However, when you strife too, you will be surprised how blissful and successful your relationship will be.

  1. Learn to compromise and manage anger

In a relationship, we don’t always agree with our partners. However, we make little sacrifices to have a common ground. With little compromises, you understand your partner more and avoid dwelling on long arguments.

Undoubtedly, anger is a normal response to mistreatment, but you have to keep your anger in check. And only react to what got you upset when you are not angry. Impossible right? It is so very possible.

  1. Never forget you could be wrong

Sure it’s exhausting being around a perfectionist. If you want to understand your partner, be liberal, I mean very open to accept faults and be ready to take absolute responsibility for them. This will help you to understand your partner and not always heap all the available blame on them as doing so not only wears them off but tears them down.







Zaraki Kenpachi