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Why the Invention of Wireless Earphones Aimed for The Sky?

Wireless earphones are now a concept that is almost known to everyone. In fact, it won’t also be wrong to say that a lot of people are also eyeing to buy the product (whether Airpods or AirBuds Pro as the latest phones also no longer support the headphone jack – despite all the criticism that the move had to face. 

All in all, we are in favor of this trend and to convince you on why you should be too, we have come up with a list of reasons which will further enlighten you on why this trend is actually good for you. 

Active Noise Cancellation

Do you know that ANC was first considered to be a very expensive luxury that was only made available for pilots running the aircraft on a daily basis? That is exactly where wireless earphones started to do their magic as the new technology is not only widely available at a cheaper cost but it also enhances the earphones experience on a totally different level for the users. 

Another advantage of noise cancellation is the way it protects your hearing. You begin to listen to music at levels that are safe for your ears without feeling the need to push the volume up because of the disturbance caused by the surroundings. 

360-degree Audio 

We are now living in ages where people prefer to have more than 2 audio channels when it comes to listening to music. But the wireless earphones go one step further with the introduction of 360-degree audio. 

For those of you who don’t know 360-degree reality audio is rapidly becoming effective for new mobile music streaming platforms without producers having to worry about the formats and to focus more on creating object-based audio. 

Compatibility with AI Voice Assistants

While a lot of people may not argue with us but the truth in the matter is that even by statistics, more and more people have started to rely on voice commandments and searches – especially post-pandemic. 

This is also exactly where the cheapest and the most expensive options among the wireless earphones in the market do their job as without any doubt all of them are created with compatibility with such devices being the focal point. After all, the better connected they are, the more ease it will be for you and the more convinced you would be to rely on your favorite pair of wireless earphones

Besides that, the wireless earphones also get integrated to such a level that it can deliver anything that is possible through their collaboration with AI, whether it is about small things like the translation function and or making your phone do the daily chores on the go. 


Going by the statistics again, it is estimated that around 20-50 million metric tons of electronic waste around the world gets to be disposed of every year and among that waster, 70% is actually toxic.

But at the same time, there is also positive news of how the tech giants are focusing on the environment and are making products based on recycled material. One of them is a true wireless earbud.  

Zaraki Kenpachi