How can you wear wireless earbuds properly?
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How can you wear wireless earbuds properly?

Wireless earbuds are, of course, better than the conventional earbuds. This is because it provides with hundreds of benefits that were not earlier available. The earbuds connect to the source device with Bluetooth. This means that the need for long wires is eliminated completed. This also means that the wireless earbuds, such as JBL Earbuds can be connected to a wide range of devices.

A lot of people just use it for the sake of using it. It is important to know how to wear earbuds. Here is how it can be done.

  • Try different types to check the size

Ear canals are naturally in different sizes and shapes. This means that one earbud cannot fit in every ear. You need to try out different styles and brands before figuring out which model fits perfectly in your ear. You should visit different stores, such as JBL to figure out which one is the most comfortable of all. Generally, men have larger canals than women and therefore, a larger size will be needed.

  • Earbuds should be placed in the canal

If you want the earbuds to transmit the sound in an effective manner, then the earbud should be lodged in the canal near to the eardrum. You can twist the earbud a number of times to ensure that the earbud is lodged properly in the canal.

  • Pull the earlobes

The next step is to pull your earlobes. This is to ensure that the earbuds are properly sealed in the place. This essentially opens the ear canal and enlarges it a bit. You should also press the earbud while you are tugging.

  • Clean the ear wax

This is to be done if the earbud is not fixing in properly. One of the major reasons why people are not able to fit in the earbuds is that they have a lot of ear wax accumulated in their ears. Such accumulation can change the shape and size of the ear canal. It can either cause poor fitting of the earbud or even cause the earbud to slip out of the canal. You can put in a number of Q-tips to clean the ears properly and ensure that the earbuds fit in perfectly.

  • Do not move the jaws

One of the other reasons why earbuds are often loosened while using it is that users tend to move their jaws. Try not to move the jaws too much while you are on claw. Moreover, chewing gums (which means moving jaws) can cause the earbud to loosen.

The bottom line

A lot of people do not find any difficulty in wearing earbuds. However, there are few who need assistance on how to do it. Above are the steps to follow to ensure that the earbud fit in properly. If you are still facing an issue, it means that the earbuds purchased are not of the correct size. You should get it replaced to get the right size of earbuds.

Zaraki Kenpachi