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How to Take Care of Your Solar Panel Installation

Once you’ve installed a solar panel system on your home, you might think your work is done.

Installing a solar panel system is really just the first part of your solar journey. You have to spend time caring for your solar panels to ensure that they remain efficient and in good working order, but there’s not a lot of information available on how to properly do this.

In this post, we’re going to give you some tips for caring for your solar panel installation. Treat your solar panels right and they’ll serve you for years to come, saving you money and helping the planet.

Why You Need to Clean Your Solar Panels

Once the solar panel installation is complete on your home, it might not seem like there’s much that could go wrong. After all, there aren’t any moving parts, so once it’s installed, you don’t have to touch or adjust anything.

That being said, your panels are on your roof, so they’re subject to all of the wind, rain, snow, sleet, and debris that your roof is. If you let them get dirty and neglect cleaning them for long periods of time, they could start to see some damage.

At the very least, when the debris is left to accumulate on your solar panels, they’ll become far less efficient. That’s why it’s important to clean them regularly on your own and have them inspected and cleaned by a professional every now and then.

What You Can Do

There are things you can do on your own to maintain your solar panel system and increase its longevity. Cleaning them can be easy, especially with a solar panel cleaning kit, which will include biodegradable soap, a wiper, and a brush with a long handle.

Once they’re wet, getting dirt off of the surface of the solar panels should be easy. Simply spraying them with a hose, if you’re averse to climbing onto your roof, should help somewhat. What you should avoid doing is using harsh cleaning materials because they could damage the surface of the solar panels and make them less effective.

Calling In the Pros

If it happens that dirt is left to build up on your solar panels, then it might be time to call in a professional solar panel cleaner like Smart Solar Cleaning. This is also a great idea if you’re not the type of person to get on your roof and do the scrubbing on your own.

It’s worth having your solar panels professionally cleaned because you can then be sure that they’re working optimally. The more sunlight that gets through to the PV cells, the more efficient your panels will be and the more money you’ll save.

Solar Panel Installation and Maintenance Is Key

Like anything on your home, including your solar panel installation, maintenance is crucial. If you treat your solar panel system like the major investment that they are, then they’ll pay dividends for years. When you ignore them and take them for granted, they’ll deteriorate like any other part of your home. It is also where important who will install your solar panels, and finding the right company is crucial. Check EcoWatch.com and read their article, which can be of a great help in this process.

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Zaraki Kenpachi