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Tips On Eco-Friendly Living In Every Climate

I’ve been fortunate enough to move around a lot all my life. That meant that I needed to adjust to the cold winters of Boston, the sweltering heat in Georgia, and the hurricanes in Florida. Here are my top tips on how to stay environmentally friendly in every climate.

The Monsoon Season Is Perfect For Rainwater Collection

If you live in a subtropical climate like that of Florida, then you know that the summers are the wet season, and bring heavy rains (and hurricanes). This may be difficult weather for the uninitiated, but it is also the perfect time to collect rainwater. So, make sure you have the best rainfall diverter and learn how to make rainwater potable. This will not only help you conserve water, but it will also significantly reduce your carbon footprint because the energy used to filter tap water and transport it to your home is significantly higher than that you will spend collecting and filtering your own rainwater.

Sunny, Dry Weather Is Great For Solar Panels

If you installed a solar panel during the winters of New York or Boston, you’d probably be harvesting less energy than that you would have in a sunny town like New Mexico or Texas. So, if you live in an area that has a hot arid climate and gets lots of sun year-round, make sure that you have solar panels installed on your roof or in your yard. Of course, don’t forget that you will need lithium-ion batteries to store all that solar energy that is quickly converted to electrical energy. Not all homeowners with solar panels use batteries, because they are still connected to the grid, but if you use a battery system you can make sure that all your electrical needs are met with a green energy system (solar energy).

Pleasant Weather Begs For Biking On Your Commute

Everyone needs to get to work somehow, that’s understandable. But if you live somewhere that enjoys pleasant weather that isn’t on the extremes, then why are you still driving to work? You may be thinking that using a train or the subway is a more environmentally friendly alternative to using your own car. That’s true, but it only reduces your carbon footprint. If you ride a bike to work then you’re bringing down the carbon footprint of your commute to negligible levels. Besides, it might feel good to enjoy the good weather and a half a workout built into your day.


Adjusting to different climates can take some time, but if you are truly concerned for the environment, you will find ways to adjust your green lifestyle and make the most of the climate you are in. Brainstorm ideas before your move so that you can prepare ahead of time. Also, try speaking to people who already live in the area to find out what measures they take to lead a green lifestyle. They will probably have more specific ideas on how to stay environmentally friendly in that particular area.

Zaraki Kenpachi