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What is Web Designing and What are the Top Web Design Courses Online?

Amongst the various professional courses out there, web designing has been extremely popular for years. Internet is a place for never-ending opportunities for different businesses. Professionals with skills in web design are therefore required by companies to bring their business online. While people have some sense of what web designing comprises of, they often get it wrong by associating it only with the aesthetics part websites. 

With the help of this post, we clear all the misconceptions about the discipline of web design and tell you about top courses that help you learn this skill.

What is Web Designing?

The field of web design comprises of various sets of skills that enable a web designer to create websites. Almost all the aspects of a site that you see on the internet are a work of web designer. The appearance of a site, content presentation on it, how fast it loads, and the scripts used in it have everything to do with the web design.

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Components of Web Designing

The best online web design course available today focus on some of the key components of web design. Although web designing is very broad, being strong at these components will help you land a job in the top web designing company.

  • Layout
    Layout plays a crucial role in the success of a site. Clients often ask the web designing company they work with to also ensure that their site is search engine friendly. It is because of this reason, that the web design courses also emphasize on the SEO aspect of the layout too along with its appearance.
    Not only a well-planned content of the site is loved by its readers, but a layout following Google’s guidelines also ensures of it getting a higher rank on the search engine. Observe any web design agency and you will always see that they intend to make websites follow a particular layout that fulfills reader and search engine needs.

  • Text Fonts and Images
    You may not realize it at first, but fonts used on a site is of high importance to it. Using big texts that catch attention and are readable to people. Every web designing course offers training of software like Adobe Photoshop, Sketch, and Illustrator. With the help of these programs, aspiring web designers in a web designer course learn how to come up with incredible images and graphics for the readers. Web design images are as crucial as any other aspect of a site as a majority of people like visuals including infographics.

  • Colors
    Choosing the right colors for a site is also crucial to its design. Most web designing tutorials will tell you to keep a check on the colors you use to match the kind of content being presented. Web designing services ensure the right balance of colors that goes well with the information on the site. Bright and eye-catching colors for entertaining content, while keeping a less distracting approach with dull and dark colors for informative and academic staff is the need of the hour. Keeping such web designing templates for different category of sites is what web designers often do. It not only saves them time but also keep them from repeating the same processes time and again.

  • Technology
    HTML, Java, PHP, and CSS used to be the components of web development which were once not given their due importance for web designers, but today, even they must learn it. Web design and development, which today are used interchangeably by people, have learnings related to them that cross over each other. Mostly, both of them now cover coding sites with the mentioned languages which have changed the web designing meaning.
    It is understandable that web designing courses have started training their students for website coding, as it is a crucial skill that every designer must be aware of what they design is possible or not. The knowledge of these languages may not require to be thorough, but it must be enough to understand what is within reach. 

Top Web Designing Courses Online

You might be considering whether to go for a web design course near you or choose a web designing course online. If you are to take our words, we would tell you that to get a job in a top web design agency similar to Connecticut web design, it does not matter whether you learn the skill of web design online or nearby. What matters is that it is from a credible trainer. Unless you happen to live near a top web designing course training center, it is unlikely that you will get a certification that is trusted by companies. 

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Therefore, we suggest the following web design courses online that you must consider. Such courses not only save you from traveling but are also inexpensive when taking web design courses fees at training centers into account. 

1. Udemy

Udemy has a complete set of web designing courses online with which you can get started. There are all-in-one courses along with one’s dedicated to CSS, HTML, Java, and PHP, if you want to expertise in them. Web designing courses fees on Udemy is very low and is the best place if you want to choose from a variety of trainers to help you train in different web designing software

2. Lynda

Lynda by LinkedIn come with professional courses to help you learn from the best in the business. The best offering from Lynda is that you can access all the courses on the site with the subscription you buy on it. So, whether you want to learn how to know how to learn web designing or hone your skills in its components like Photoshop and Illustrator, Lynda is what you must choose.

You will find that many web design services even buy courses for their employees to learn better ways of designing and put them into practice. So, you must go for it too, if you want to increase your chances of landing a top job in web designing. 

3. EdX

If you already have started with learning web design on your own, then EdX can be a supplement that can help you advance in it. Most of the courses on EdX are self-paced and as it does not have as many people enrolled in course compared to the other web designing software courses, you will have better chances of getting in touch with instructors and get your doubts cleared. The courses on EdX are updated and you will never miss out on new software to learn about. 

4. Coursera

Coursera, unlike others, will help you find better beginner courses in web designing. If you are getting started with web design, then Coursera is the one you should consider. On this site, you can learn not only from courses made by trainers but also get courses affiliated from countries all over the globe. You can get web designing certifications from reputed sources by taking up a course with Coursera.

So, these are the top web design courses online, in which you can enroll and learn the best practices of the discipline. The skills by taking up this course will help you boost your career and in becoming a high-quality web designer.

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