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How can you enhance your study experience during your BA Graphic design degree?

You have signed up for a great BA Hons Graphic Design course and can’t wait to turn your passion for drawing into a career. But did you know that a graphic designing career can require a lot more than expertise in illustrating and a good sense of colour?

Becoming a successful graphic designer today is far from easy, especially when there is so much competition. You need to be patient, innovative and know how to network with potential clients and industry contacts.

A graphic design course can teach you the basics of the trade, but it is upon you to make the most out of your education. You should venture out of the course curriculum and make yourself aware about the latest design trends or pop-culture references.

Here are some useful tips that can help you extract the maximum value from a graphic designing course.

  • Pick the areas of your interest early on

Most aspiring graphic designers join subject courses without any idea of a specific direction they want to take for their career. Most of them are unaware of different categories in graphic designing and which style would suit them.

However, doing extensive research early on can give you a lot of clarity regarding the graphic design industry even before you join a programme. It can help you decide which direction you want to head towards, and which subjects you should focus on during your course. 

  • Invest in a good computer set up

Much like any other creative occupation, old school sketching has gone out of fashion and is being replaced by its digital version. The bulk of your time as a graphic design student would be spent manipulating your illustrations using computer software like Adobe Photoshop.

However, graphic designing software require a lot of memory and fast processing. Therefore, an outdated computer or laptop model will only hamper your work and studies. Investing in a good computer set up can help you ace your subjects and create an impressive portfolio.

  • Pick up additional computer language certifications on the side

Graphic designing isn’t just about drawing and ideating. Modern-day designs also require you to create them on the computer using high-grade computer tools and platforms.

Although computer programming as a graphic design necessity is covered by some courses, it is generally an out of curriculum subject. Therefore, you should look into acquiring certifications in specific computer languages that are relevant to designing.

You can also ask your seniors to give you tips to ace your subjects and prepare an extensive portfolio. They can also help you score appropriate freelance gigs to help you gain more experience.

A graphic designing degree from a reputed university can dramatically improve your industry and soft skills, thereby enhancing your career prospects. As a BA Graphic Design graduate, you can find a host of exciting career roles like UX designers, advertising art directors and comic book illustrators. Additionally, following the above-mentioned tips can diversify your professional prospects even more.

Invest in a good graphic designing degree today to give wings to your creative career.

Zaraki Kenpachi