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Ways to maintain the performance of your Mac

A lot of people consider their computers as a part of their life. They rely on it for almost everything, work, study, and leisure and feel incomplete without them. This is why people are ready to take all the steps to maintain the performance of their MacBook. After all, a well-functioning Mac means content you! Here are some of the ways to keep your device running in good condition and ensure that it serves you well in the coming time.

Take care of your storage

One of the best things about Mac models is their amazing storage ability. The new machines come with 256GB, 512GB or 1TB of space which is more than enough for a lot of people. However, if you find a shortage of storage, then you should do this.

In order to make the device run perfectly well, you should leave around 10% of the storage space free. So, if you have 256GB of storage, you should have 25GB of space available free.

In case you are reaching maximum capacity, you should fix this.

  • Clean the device either with a cleaning app or by deleting old files on your own.
  • If you want, you can transfer some files to an external hard drive and delete them from the Mac.
  • Choose a cloud based storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive to transfer the unnecessary data.

Background services

If you have background services on your device, then it can slow down your machine. Printer, Bluetooth or cloud-based work can make your device performance slow. So, make sure you turn them off when they are not in use. They appear in the navigation bar. It will also affect the battery consumption of your Mac.

Always have an anti-malware

Regardless of being a popular laptop machine, there is a myth that they are not prone to malware. Though Mac OS is safer than PC and windows, but it doesn’t mean it is full-proof. This is why it is recommended to install anti-malware on your Mac. It will keep your device safer and not let the malware affect its performance.

Update software quickly

App developers release new updates for the operating system and apps. They help to optimize your device, add new stuff and mend old bugs. Updates can enhance the performance of the device if the developers have optimized it for a device. So, once you get a notification about updates, wait for a couple of days and then update to a new version.

Clear your caches

Cached files are stored temporarily when browsing websites so that the next time you visit a site, it loads faster. However, it can slow your machine down over time. So make you clear your cache regularly to speed up your Mac.

However, if your Mac is really underperforming and not working as per your requirement, then you can sell it on Mac Back. Just mention the details of your Mac and get an instant quote for it. Once the device is inspected and you are okay with the price offered, you will get the amount in your bank account or PayPal.

Zaraki Kenpachi