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Is there a safety issue or threat with the digital tv tuning apps?

So if you are reading this article then you must be concerned about the digital tv tuner device registration application slowing down your PC.

And you just like many others think that this app of yours is a threat to your PC containing viruses and malware.

But is this even true?

Is this the real reason why your system performance is slowing down?

You are going to find answers here and we are going to clear all your doubts so don’t you dare go away.

Why is your system slowing down?

There could be some other reasons as well as the digital tv tuner device registration app.

Among the other possible reasons, there can be many things that you need to ponder about such as the existing software and applications that are already consuming a majority portion of your device’s internal storage.

But then there is one culprit too that you cannot overrule and that is the digital tv tuner device registration application.

Digital tv tuning apps have a concern from many people slowing down their system’s overall performance.

This is because the back-end process called ehprivjob.exe that consumes a majority portion of your internal system resources.

Why is your system antivirus software detecting the digital tv tuning apps to be a threat?

If you know what is digital tv tuner device registration application then you have sufficient reason to believe that the digital tv tuner device registration application is a cause of concern or threat.

This is because even the major antivirus software in your laptop or PC detects them to be a threat.

But is it so?

The answer is that your digital tv tuning app may be or may not be a threat.

Maybe, is because that there could be invalid data or indeed some malware or virus that is within the app. This can be caused during the installation from an invalid or unauthorized website.

Generally, this is not the case though. The main reason and more probable reason why the antivirus software detects the digital tv tuner device registration app to be unsafe is that they can severely hamper the performance of your system.

In the worst-case scenario, it is hard to believe that this single back-end process of the digital tv tuning app called ehprivjob.exe can be consuming as much as 70% of your system’s internal resources.

Due to such high consumption of your internal storage and Ram, even the antivirus software on your lappy or PC misconceptualize them to be illegally blocking the system resources while there is no security threat.

You can easily check out the memory consumption of your system for the ehprivjob.exe and all other currently running processes using the Task Manager.

So what should you do with the digital tv tuner app?

So, what does it come down to in the end? Should you uninstall this app?

Should you block or force stop it?

Should you let it run as it is?

Within the three choices lies three sets of consumers.

Your choice will depend on how much you use the Windows Media Center and run the digital tv tuner app?

This process by the way is automated to run by itself each time you open the Windows Media Center.

If you don’t see tv channels on your laptop or PC then it is better to go with the first two options i.e, to either force stop running the app so that it cannot use the system’s internal resources or uninstall it all together to end the issue right away.

On the other hand, if you do watch tv channels on your system occasionally or quite frequently it would be a better option to either force stop it when not in need or upgrade your internal system memory and RAM.

Or else you can also go into the system antivirus settings and change the options accordingly so that the antivirus software does not recognize the digital tv tuner registration app as a threat anymore even when the ehprivjob.exe process is consuming an unreal amount of your system resources.

Zaraki Kenpachi