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4 Simple File Maintenance Steps to Boost Your Computer’s Performance

Roughly 9 out of every 10 households in the US own a computer. We estimate that far fewer than 90% of computer owners, however, know how to take proper care of those computers.

Among the many things savvy computer users do to ensure their machines run fast and boast longevity is to exercise basic file maintenance tips. Do you do the same?

If you’re scratching your head right now unsure of what file maintenance even is, don’t worry. You’re in the right place!

Below, our team breaks down how you can manage files on your computer effectively to reliably boost its performance and lifespan!

  • Clear Your Browser Cache/Cookies

When you browse the internet, your browser saves all kinds of small files that are targeted at making your browsing experience better. These files enable you to not have to log into the same sites repeatedly, they improve the relevance of your ads, and more.

The problem with these files is that, after a while, they start to weigh your computer down, particularly when you’re surfing the web.

To lift that weight off of your browser’s shoulders, head into your browser’s settings and find the option(s) that says something like “clear browser cache/cookies”. Run that option twice and then restart your machine.

  • Empty Your Recycling Bin

When was the last time you right-clicked on a file and sent it to your recycling bin? Probably recently.

When was the last time you right-clicked on your recycling bin and emptied it? Probably never.

All of the files you send to your recycling bin are still weighing your computer down. It’s not until you exercise the file maintenance step of emptying your bin that you can unload that excess baggage from your machine.

Make a habit of emptying your bin once per month, at least.

  • Uninstall Programs You Don’t Use

One of the biggest inhibitors to your ability to enjoy clear computer storage is the programs that are sitting on your hard drive. Things like photo editing tools, pre installed game files that came with your computer, etc.

Head over to your applications explorer or “Programs and Features” area (for PC users) and go through your programs to see which of them and their associated files you could do without. Uninstall at your leisure and restart your machine when you’re done.

  • Restart Your Computer

While it doesn’t seem like restarting your computer would be helpful when you’re trying to sort out your files or perform digital file maintenance, believe us when we say that it is. The longer your computer is on, the more likely files will run into errors and take up unnecessary room in your computer’s memory.

To flush out those errors and give yourself the best computing experience, shut down your computer now and then or hit that restart button. It could change your whole outlook on your machine!

Start Exercising Your File Maintenance Chops Today

File maintenance isn’t something most casual computer users think about. If you can take the time to bring it to the front of your mind on occasion though, you’ll set your computer up for years of outstanding operation which could skyrocket your productivity.

For more tips on how to boost computer performance or other general computer maintenance tips, explore more content on our blog.

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