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Computers: What Is the Difference Between Coding and Programming?

Did you know that the United States has the highest number of software developers (programmers) in the world? That’s 4.3 million software developers in the US in 2019. As you can see, it’s a burgeoning and upcoming field, with lots of potential to grow.

Are you considering becoming a programmer and wondering what is the difference between coding and programming? This is a great question because even though people might use the two terms interchangeably, they are not the same! Read on to find out what makes them so different.

What Is Coding?

At its core, coding is the translation of natural language to a programming script or a coding language. For back-end coding, like building phone applications and programs, these languages include C, R, Python, and Java. For front-end coding, like creating and designing websites, the languages can include CSS and HTML.

For example, you could open excel file and write data in C# with these coding skills. If you have no idea what this means, don’t worry. That’s what you would study if you went to coding school.

What Is Programming?

Programming is all about creating an intricate system and includes coding as one of the skills required. As you can see, coding is a subset of programming.

When you are programming, you are creating a complex system of coding that will perform a specific task. It might be building an application or a program system.

What Is the Difference Between Coding and Programming?

The difference between coding and programming might not be apparent at first glance or if you are not in the field. It seems like they have overlap between them, which they do. But programming is the father of all coding, as it is the umbrella that contains all coding within it.

Some other differences are:

  • Coders are focused on a small scope, whereas, programmers would be involved in the full scope of the project
  • Coders need very simple tools like a computer and word processing program, whereas the programmers need much more powerful computers to run all their complex tools, which includes debugging and more
  • Coders need to know the basic coding languages, but programmers will need skills beyond these coding languages like logical and analytical skills, and attention to detail

As you can see, coding is the building block that leads to the bigger product of programming.

Searching For Programming or Coding Jobs?

Are you considering getting a coding or programming job? Then you will definitely need to know what is the difference between coding and programming, so you can know exactly what kind of job to apply for.

Coding jobs are definitely easier to apply for and get, but if you are looking for a bigger challenge, then consider getting into programming.

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Zaraki Kenpachi